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A good friend of mine, Marsha Lucas, has written a great new self-help book: Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness.

You've probably heard that there's hope for our brains as adults — we can change and grow new brain pathways. Marsha's written this book about how to create and strengthen the pathways involved in love and relationships.

She's focused on seven relationship benefits of mindfulness meditation that are supported by neuroscience research. Best of all, she's made it all very readable, entertaining, and do-able.

Take a look. You'll like what you see :-)

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Many of you may have been engaged in the fight against infringing on the rights of free speech and expression that was the SOPA legislation. I certainly was.

The fact that this incredibly self-serving piece of corporate sponsored legislation was defeated is remarkable for two reasons.

First, as demonstrated by Wikipedia and Google, among many other online companies, the power to limit information and content sought by the entertainment industry through this bill was outrageous in the extreme.

Second, for the first time of which I am aware, the internet was used effectively to go fang to fang against the interests of corporate lobbyists and their clients.

Demonstrating the effect of the proposed legislation, and actively engaging to have such decidedly obsequious legislation presented by members of congress withdrawn, are potential hallmarks for citizen action in the future.

Liberty and the rights to enjoy those freedoms extended through the Constitution of the United States of America were given public voice in real time by the American people.

Wednesday, with the withdrawal of the SOPA legislation was a good day for America.
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