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So I am thinking about getting an Solid State Hard drive for my laptop both for the speed improvements and to reduce power consumption and was wondering if you guys had any strong opinions on models to avoid or recommend .

128GB should be enough I think as I currently use about 60G on my current laptop

So the annual hysteria about the maths results in the leaving cert is in full swing and how we need to improve how maths is thought in schools
Project maths is supposed to be solution to this and all the articles claim it is showing better results but it turns out students being thought in the project maths methodology sit different exams to other students making it not possible to actually tell if the teaching method changes actually work.

Even better when I read the state examinations commission summary I discovered that this years project maths students sat exams which have a different structure than last years project maths papers so even that data is not comparable.

Given that this seems to have been designed to prevent A/B comparisons should we just give every student a 10% grade bump and call it done.

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