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George Goodall
A recovering engineer.
A recovering engineer.
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I am a geek dad. Any of these should be under my tree! 

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I'll admit it -- I'm a BJJ junkie. Finally, someone else has described how I feel about it.

34/60 grain free...

33/60 grain free... well, not really. The long weekend was a bit of a blow out. There was my birthday (=cake), the annual family reunion (=too many snacks), and a great visit with a friend from Korea who is an awesome cook (=rice). That said, I'm looking forward to getting back on the program!

25/60 grain free...

24/60 grain free... a small set back yesterday: gluten free pizza while driving. Oh well. My knee does, however, feel a whole lot better...

20/60 grain free... 1/3 of the way there. I had a beer at work yesterday but it was an application of the "no assholes" clause. I ignored the lone Oreo on the kitchen table.

19/60 grain free. I've got a sweet grain free waffle recipe. Is it a cheat? maybe...

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5 Minute Book Report: The Martial Apprentice by Roy Dean
I recently stumbled across Roy Dean's ebook The martial apprentice .  The price was right as a $0 download on my kindle! The book was not, however, what I expected. Roy Dean is primarily known as a BJJ instructor. His instructional DVDs are notable for the ...
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