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This is the HSE report and why they are making patients who are on e cigarettes go outside the hospital grounds (not outside the door, the grounds) to VAPE !!!! What knnd of world are we in here....????

The Tobacco Free Campus Policy, which is already in place in many hospitals and healthcare facilities, is increasingly facing difficulties arising from the use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) by staff and service users

Because e-cigarettes resemble ordinary cigarettes, their use may promote or re-normalise smoking, disrupt the environment for non-smokers, make it harder for smokers to quit and for the HSE to support smoke-free policies

There is not enough evidence for or against the use of e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, and e-cigarettes are not yet recognised internationally or licensed as a smoking cessation aid. The HSE only recommends safe, proven products and strategies for quitting smoking. Preliminary studies indicate that electronic cigarettes are probably less toxic than conventional cigarettes, but there is no evidence of their being useful as a possible strategy for harm reduction, nor is there good evidence for their effectiveness as a tool for smoking cessation.

There is no conclusive evidence for or against the safety of e-cigarette use, especially long-term, or the potential effects of passive exposure to emissions from electronic cigarettes. WHO is of the view that the safety of e-cigarettes has not been scientifically demonstrated and the potential risks they pose for the health of users remains undetermined

Scientific testing indicates that the products vary widely in the amount of nicotine and other chemicals they deliver and it is difficult for consumers to know what is delivered by the product they are buying. E-cigarettes remain unregulated as either a medicine or food product.

Oxygen suppliers/manufacturers have informed hospitals that e-cigarettes should not be used near oxygen supplies, due to potential fire risk, and health services are reporting concerns due to harms caused to children as a result of accidental exposure to the liquid in e-cigarettes

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79,000+ on their facebook page, any nobody talks about e cigarettes....???? EDIT EDIT REMOVE REMOVE

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E-cigarettes banned at hospitals and health facilities from 1 May
 in Ireland

"We are all about helping smokers quit"....
"We know that e cigarettes are not yet proven"....

And here is the punch line.... If you are successfully off cigarettes using e cigarettes, "we are delighted"...BUT stop using them, go to our website and use our counsellors and methods they claim work instead...UTTER MADNESS!!!!

This is the type thinking that we are up against, they want to promote their own methods, don't want anyone on e cigarettes despite any evidence what-so-ever.

"tobacco control implementation group"...."that group reviewed all the evidence over a number of months...

How come it is so different from ASH in the UK????
and this
"ASH supports regulation to ensure the safety and reliability of e-cigarettes but,in the absence of harm to bystanders, does not consider it appropriate to include e-cigarettes under smoke free regulations."
Now here is the Irish view....
sad to say the least...

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This is Vape Networks

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nearly at 6000 fans...hope you all join Vaping365 on facobook.
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