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I really want this. :-)

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Love this.

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These mash ups never usually seem to work, yet I love this one. #DoctorWho #BattlestarGalactica

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Snow Day!
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Heh, never really thought of myself as a Disney fan until I saw this community. Who knew there was a Disney closet? :)

Tried the New MySpace today. I really wanted to like it, really. I used to love it during its time, much better than Facebook (I'm only on that still because everyone else I know is, don't get me started on that..)

Anyway, new MySpace is all very swish (that's a word, right?) and works nicely on touch screens, except for a tiny lag with the cover photo, but it's far too music and celebrity focused for my tastes these days.

Worth a try, if it can stretch and become a media content provider it might well succeed, but for now I think I'll say goodbye again.

Anyway, that's enough of my ramblings for now, not as if anyone's reading this, right..? :) 
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