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Shardul Kothapalli

I nominate myself to become an Owner of this community. The current owner doesn't currently go to a school. By the law of the state, you must attend school and be educated. Since the owner of this community is not educated nor attending school, he/she should be replaced by revolution and the name shall be changed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I am the best fit for this position because I have a plethora of credentials. The other candidate running against me is a third party Republican who steals your tax payer money and invests into offshore wind, a from of supposedly clean energy that actually produces CO2 emissions. Thank you and please vote Neg. #NVO

Ray Allen just signed a 3 year deal with the Philadelphia 76ers worth $21 million. 

Why do people consider Captain America a superhero he basically just took steroids in that case Barry Bonds is a superhero too

Is it just me or does ever players' milestone come against the Jszz?

You know the world is coming to an end when:
1. Someone calls February a long month
2. Lego makes a game off of a movie which was based off a game

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Me: Hey look it's Barney
50 Cent: Why ain't it purple??
+Karthik Rajkumar 
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