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Would dearly love some printer-friendly (no color, very lite on graphics) player-character sheets and spectrum cards. Purty please!

So many game engines, so little time . . .
So help me out here.
I like the Gurps engine, but it can be a little too crunchy. I really enjoy the "chewiness" of Fate Accelerated. But for other players who are less experienced, it can be a little too "fuzzy" as concerns "Well, what exactly can I do?" because FAE lacks the more-crunchy stuff such as Stats, Attributes and Skills number/level sets.
Any ideas on "home-brew" mixes???


How does one pronounce "Do" of "Do: Fate of the Flying Temple"?
Is it "Do" as in "I will Do such and such" or "Dough" or "Dao"?
Quirky philologists want to know . . .

An observation in "penetrating" (aka "exploding") dice damage.
It seems to be a little skewed to me.
on a 1d4p means you have a 25% chance of it occuring.
a 1d6 = 16.6%
1d8 =12.5%
1d10 =10%

. . . and so on.
In other words, to have a greater chance of penetrating damage, you want a weapon that does lesser damage. So a 1d4p has a greater chance of doing more damage than a 1d8p. Doesn't seem right, unless someone can explain the damage values assigned to the weapons in HMB.

Is there a way of doing doubles and then roll again? For example, I want 2d6 to roll again if the original 2d6 roll was doubles ( Doble 2's, double 3's etc).

Okay, help me out here. I've been trying to remember the name of the novel and/or the author. The first one I read has this scenario: The main character wakes up in a hospital and can't remember who he is or where he comes from. later another man shows up, gets him our of the hospital. As they are driving along, things start to shift; landscapes change, scenery changes . . . time changes.Turns out the guy is part of a royal line who can use magic to change realities, that all the worlds they travel through are just shadows of their world. But i can't for the life of me remember the name of the series or the author! HELP!

An old yet new concept: "One Shots" An adventure setting that can be used for solo play or as a "test bench" for seeing how certain rules work . . . or what ever. Has many possibilities . . .
Here's mine:
The setting "Lord of the Rings" Fellowship of the Ring. In the tomb of Balin (from the movie. How many of you have taken that scenario and have played it out in a gaming system? Huh? I bet a lot of you my fellow game geeks have).

Scene Aspects: Crumbling & Cluttered Tomb, Skeletal remains, old well, single bright shaft of light, Balin's crypt, One way Out! Pillars and Alcoves. (Can you think of anything else?)

Opposition: Approx. 20 orcs (More? Less?) divide into mobs/minions or 3 to 5 each. After about 2 or 3 exchanges, someone gets to say (yes, you guessed it) "They've got a cave troll!" and BAM! Enter the cave troll.

The Good Guys? Why of course Gandalf, Aragorn, Boromir, Legolas and Frodo and the gang. Stat them as you see fit.
Let the play begin! Please post your results, letting us know whether you used Core or FAE (or mixed and matched). And by all means, come up with your own "One Shots" and share!

Okay, help me out here.
I'm 55. I've gamed since high school. Starting with, of course, the classic D&D that came in the white 6x9 box. My wife of 34 years looks at me and rolls her eyes because I am still such a game geek. Someone please tell me that they are at least as old as I am and that they still game. Then I can show this post to my wife as proof that playing RPG's is cool and creative and that I'm not some "stuck in his teens" nutter (well I may not be able to convince er of that but at least I can scare the bejeezes out of her by showing that there is a plethora of us out there! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!)

Okay, here's a play example that I would like some input on.
Engine is FAE. A wizard has Clever @ +3, Quick+2, Forceful +1. He wants to do a fear type spell on an opponent. The situation means it's going to have to be a quick evocation type spell. THE QUESTION: Which approach should be used? Clever because this is a mind-based spell? Forceful because it is "forcing" an aspect on the target? Or Quickly because it's evocation "off the cuff/spell-slinger" type?
Let the discussions commence!
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