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#RMHistory 🔟⌛📷

Paris 🏆🏆
Madrid 🏆
Brussels 🏆🏆
Stuttgart 🏆
Glasgow 🏆🏆
Amsterdam 🏆
Lisbon 🏆

Next stop: Milan!

#APorLaUndecima   #HalaMadrid   #RMUCL  
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The final is getting closer! We're ready - are you?
La Final está más cerca... ¡Estamos preparados! ¿Y tú?

#APorLaUndecima   #HalaMadrid  
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I hope you live a blessed life and never have to endure the senseless loss of someone you love and depend on for support like Lizzy Plug and her two year old son. But God forbid if you ever do, perhaps your perspective about lawyers and their role in using the law to hold corporations accountable for their misconduct may change significantly.

The reason the founders/owners were sued is because we suspect they use SXSW as a mere corporate shield from liability and bc SXSW failed to buy sufficient insurance for the risk, a risk they were keenly aware existed. SXSW was part of a planning session that rehearsed how to respond to an incident where a car plows into a crowd at the festival less than a month before this happened, yet they didn't take any steps to protect the people they put at risk by directing them to stand in the roadway.

The fact is that SXSW is legally responsible--by City ordinance and state law--to ensure that proper and adequate traffic control measures were in place. Not only did SXSW not do that but SXSW didn't even comply with the traffic control plan they persuaded the City to approve. If they had even done that there's a strong likelihood no one would have been hurt or killed. And just failing to do that makes them responsible under the law. SXSW didn't want to pay for the the type of barricades they should have had in place--in fact, there are emails between SXSW reps and the barricade company inquiring about the cost "to keep the humans safe", as SXSW said. When SXSW learned it would cost all of $12,000 they didn't want to spend the money--even though SXSW generates upwards of 100 million dollars each year--and offered to trade platinum badges to the festival instead. The barricade company said no thanks, the cost is the cost and SXSW didn't pay for the safer barricades.

There will always be drunk drivers and criminal actors out there, but if you're going to organize a street festival in the middle of live lanes of traffic, you have to take responsibility to protect the people you invite to occupy the roadway. SXSW is supposed to be the adult in the room. Instead, they balked at spending a few thousand bucks bc they don't think anyone in this town had the stones to hold them accountable. Steven Craenmehr's family and my law firm are going to call their bluff.
Scott Hendler
Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC
Attorneys for the Estate of Steven Craenmehr and his family

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When you are the TOP SCORER of the 21st century with 501 goals & also the TOP SCORER in Real Madrid's history, you go Super Saiyan!!


#CR7 #HalaMadrid
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Cristiano Ronaldo was having a interview with CNN about his new headphones...

While he was constantly asked about FIFA, He said: 
"I can't speak like that. This is bulls**t. Speak about FIFA, I don't care about FIFA. And Qatar...I don't give a f**k. What you want me to do?" 

Watch the full video & his reaction here:

#RealMadrid #CR7 #HalaMadrid #FIFA

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Google + "It aint no fun if the homies can't + 1"

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