Yet Another "Google+ Is Dying" MSM Article

Oh God. I think I'm going to be sick.

I'm so tempted to rant at journalists like +Amir Efrati for perpetuating this stupid myth that Google+ is a ghost town. If you're one of the thousands in my circles, you're one of millions who know that's not true.

But today I'm not going to rant at pile-on tech writers like +Amir Efrati. I'm going to turn my anger at Google.

Hello +Vic Gundotra +Louis Gray +Bradley Horowitz - why why why do you allow Google's marketing team to keep marketing Google+ as "Facebook just maybe slightly better"? Why why why do you not see what millions of us who use it and love it understand: Google+'s secret weapon is that it is not just "another social network." STOP trying to get people to bring their same friends they have on Facebook over here. IT'S NOT WORKING.

Please please please start marketing Google+ as what it is: the world's most incredible discovery engine. The great power of Google+ is not yet another way to follow celebrities and keep up with Aunt Susie. The power here is in the ability to discover and engage with thousands of new people from all over the world who are interested in what you're interested in.

Google: You're killing Google+ with your useless "suggested user list" that directs people to people they'll never get to engage with. Use what you're good at! Trust the algorithms! Connect new people with hundreds of people in their interest graph who are actually using Google+ and engaging every day.

Google+ users: If you agree, please share this. Copy it to as many influential people in Google as you can, or write your own message. If Google won't save Google+, maybe we can.

EDIT: And you must read "Getting More People to Use Google+" a brilliant piece by +Ryan Crowe
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