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Sovereign debt ratings around the world: It helps to be nowhere near the equator, and to be of Anglo-Saxon origin. [via Thomson Reuters[
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I'd like to see this debt ratings infographic how it REALLY is, and not the AAA for America BS... The US should be no better than CCC, in reality.
... helps to be nowhere near the equator, and to be of Anglo-Saxon origin

Same as with pretty much everything else in life, except maybe dealing in coffee and bananas. Heck, it even reduces the risk you'll be invaded by Spain.
Good graphic! Being Chinese is also helpful, lol.
USA 'extremely strong'? How are other countries doing then? :O
Agree with +Bryan Simpson - judging by the trade balance and forex reserves China should be AAA. However, part of the rating must be political risk that's certainly higher in China than in the AAA countries. I guess that's where lower rating comes from.
Very interesting glad to see Australia & NZ are in the Green/light Green areas as well as Botswana, and upcoming countries in Asia, we can only be good for our region.
This is also a good perspective for people with a detached reality to justify complacency while believing that everything must still be OK. Ratings are not forward looking, but rather misleading in many ways. Reading between the lines, it is logical to expect widespread downgrades everywhere in the very near future, except for those with growing economies with low debt ratios to GDP. :(
Crazy. China is the country that owns more US debt than any other country, and it has a lower credit rating?
+Danny Sullivan Weirder still was watching US Treasury prices rise on fear that US might default!

I'm surprised Brazil with its natural resources has such a low rating, though.
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