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Comparing bank TCE in Europe, U.S. and Canada:
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Ok Paul thanks for the post . However,,,,, Its all so complicated and a rather boring subject . I take it your an analyst (sp) . Whoopie!!!!!!!!!!
Where's the infographics? :-p

And what does it mean?
Question: Why is none of the US banks made it to the list (mostly nationalized so tonnes of TCE?) and why highlight the Canadian banks? Thanks :)
+Edward Chia-Wei Lee Did scan for another purpose -- upcoming presentation on some investment ideas -- and Canadian bank over-representativeness in TCE sort was part of story. 
+Paul Kedrosky  I like where you are going with this...  IMO the spark that sets off the Ken Rogoff sovereign powder keg isn't going to originate with the EMU or the PIIGS.  It's going to be somewhere where very few are looking and where most consider "current safe havens" (i.e. sudden bubbles in commodity super-rich Norway or Canada ; student loans in the US ; Japan debt being set ablaze ; Brazil or Mexico nationalizing something...).   #Lookoutbelow
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