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Yesterday Google announced you can now embed videos from Google Drive as well as YouTube. Must admit i assumed this feature was already in there, but may be of use to some

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I've created a tool using Google Slides which will allow staff to quickly make a banner for MOLE in the right size.

I've added it within the MOLE help pages but was wondering if a couple of people in this group could give it a go and see if it all makes sense.

Any feedback feel free to comment below or drop me an email.

Hi everyone,

Has anyone come across a way to be able to bulk manage share permissions in Google Drive so that several students (in this case 1500) can be added to different folders?

The end result we need is groups of 35 students to each have their own project folder in Google Drive without having to go into Google Drive manually and add the students.

Only thing i've seen that comes close is Doctopus add-on but haven't quite got my head around the workflow and wondered if there was something a little simpler.

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A couple of the new features in Google forms have now been added to our accounts.

The first one is the ability to have a file upload as part of a Google Forms response (with a 10GB limit).

The 2nd one is around Google predicting the sort of question and suggesting possible answers. e.g. if you start typing in "On a scale of 1-5..." it will change the question type to scale. If you start with "What day of the week...." it will bring up the option to put in all the days of the week for you.

I suspect more of these will appear in the future too.

Some more info here too -

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I've come across an issue this morning affecting people with Apple devices using safari.

Seems in the search bar it keeps crashing and hanging for some users.

The workaround at the moment seems to be to disable "search engine suggestions".

This can be found in Safari>Preferences>search>include safari suggestions.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to quickly post to introduce myself.

I started my new role as a Learning Technologist yesterday in the Technology Enhanced Learning team in CiCs.

Prior to this role I worked in a TEL related role at Sheffield Hallam university for just under 5 years. My experience includes, Blackboard (or MOLE as I now call it :-) ), Google apps, Web conferencing and use of mobile devices in learning and teaching.

I'm happy to be on board and look working with many of you.



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