DFA Reporting API Version 1.3 Released

We’re pleased to announce the newest DFA Reporting API release, version 1.3. This version adds an often requested feature: the ability to retrieve the dimensions and metrics that are available for selection.

Compatible Fields

DoubleClick for Advertisers allows you to restrict the visibility of certain metrics and dimensions for individual users based on the permissions granted to the user role and filters applied to the user profile. Additionally, certain dimensions and/or metrics cannot be used in combination with one another. For these reasons it can be difficult to determine which metrics and dimensions are available. The new reports.compatibleFields resource[1] allows you to programmatically tackle this problem, returning a listing of fields available to the current user based on the report being created.

Additional details are available in our developer documentation release notes[2].

[1] https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-advertisers/reporting/v1.3/reports/compatibleFields/query
[2] https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-advertisers/reporting/rel_notes

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