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AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist
AvGeek, Magician of Light, G+ Enthusiast, Digital Media Strategist


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OFFICIAL way to join The Google+ Aviation Guild Community

I'd like to extend an invitation to join a private aviation community I'm starting titled The Google+ Aviation Guild.

The goal of this group is not defined by the numbers who join... but the quality of conversations related to the topic of aviation. This is the main reason why I made this community an "Ask to Join" community.

So... Here is how to join:

Step 1: Leave a comment answering at least 2 out of the 4 questions below on this post:

1) Frequently post on Google+ about aviation or are interested in doing so.

2) Ability to communicate in English.

3) An interest in growing the aviation community here on Google+.

4) Have experience in the aviation industry that is demonstrated in some capacity online.

Step 2: Click on the link below and click "Ask To Join"

Both of these steps must be done in order to be considered. If you have any questions... leave them in the comments below. I look forward to seeing you over there on The Google+ Aviation Guild!!

#AvGeek #Community #Invite
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I wanted to share +Alois Bělaška's post. He is looking to create a P2P application for communities. Please share your thoughts and feedback on his post.

I'm shutting off comments on this post...

#FreeSpeech #SocialMedia #P2P
I've decided to create a decentralized P2P (Scuttlebutt protocol) based application for communities.

We deserve to not to be afraid all the time that somebody will decide to kill a platform that hosts our communities, we don't need ”them” anymore. We can do better.

Why now? Because I would like to offer existing Google+ communities and its members a viable option since the Google+ death is a matter of time.

Why decentralized P2P? Because it's currently the only way to enable users to own the data and not to be exploited or threatened by an individual or a company.

I would like to know your thoughts!

Thank you.
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Woohoo! I’m going to have fun testing this new version! Awesome work +Alois Bělaška!

There's a new Google+ Exporter release 1.5.0

The application is now more stable, faster and download and export capabilities were radically improved.

All feeds need to be re-downloaded because of the new database engine.

With this release, we're changing the free version limit from 3000 downloaded posts in total to 800 downloaded posts per every single Google+ feed (profile, page, collection, community) and effectively increasing the free limit.


Download from

What's New:

* NEW download a profile, page, collection, and community feeds separately.
* NEW you can export any Google+ community you are a member of.
* NEW support for Wordpress 4.x and Wordpress 5.x backup format.
* NEW export file is split into many smaller files to enable import of a significant number of posts to WP and Blogger.
* NEW updated JSON export structure to support export of all multiple accounts.
* NEW export all your downloaded feeds to a JSON file for further transformations.
* FIXED previous versions were not downloading comments for posts with 3 and fewer comments.
* FIXED export of feeds with a name containing characters not supported by a file system.
* FIXED export of reshares. Reshared posts were missing a message.
* FIXED database storage can accommodate a massive number of posts without breaking the app.

#GooglePlusRefugees #GooglePlus #Google+ #DataLiberation #DataExport
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Well crap! Not happy to see the Google+ API is going away in the next 90 days.

+Friends+Me I’m assuming this means the end of automated post sharing/routing on G+.

#SocialMedia #GooglePlus
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‘Brain TRANSPARENCY’ AI expert warns against LOSING JOBS over THOUGHTS

A LEADING expert on the ethical, legal and social implications of bioscience has revealed her concerns over handing over the control of our minds.

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I’m sharing this to remind myself to watch later... thanks +Gideon Rosenblatt for the share!

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Duck Duck Go published this study the other day. In short, their study does a good job of proving Google search creates a filter bubble through their use of personalized search. It is funny to see how Google responded to this study. Their wording is carefully chosen. They don’t outright deny what Duck Duck Go found.

I’ve long criticized Facebook because their algorithms strongly encourage filter bubbles. Now I am adding Google to that list too.

I think the solution to this problem is to educate people on what filter bubbles are. I think it is also time to think of Google and other search engines like Duck Duck Go as sources themselves. I personally now use Duck Duck Go and Google interchangeably. I think you should too.

#Tech #SearchEngine #FilterBubble
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Here is some awesomeness from +Friends+Me! I’m going to be playing with this in the near future! I’m excited that I’ll be able to preserve all my G+ posts.

#Socialmedia #GooglePlusMigration #Migration
Let the archiving begin - Now you can save your collections to a WP Site
Now we're cooking with gas with +Friends+Me's WP accessory and not only that the SEO value will be priceless out in the wild

#migration #refugees #G+
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New Logbook Entry - Flight to Austin

I'm finally putting my personal blog to good use. I recently finished a complete overhaul of the site. I have started to move over some of the most meaningful posts I've done in the My Aviation Lifestyle Logbook Collection to my blog for safe keeping.

You can view them all here:

Also, when accessing my blog on a desktop or laptop, you can hit the red bell in the bottom right and subscribe to be notified whenever I have a new post.

#avgeek #aviationlogbook #Cross-country #Minnesota
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How cool is this! +Google posted a video last night featuring my friend Andy’s project called Veteran’s Voices! Today is veteran’s day! What a fitting video!

#VeteransDay #avgeek #military
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