Calling all UK based photographers of all abilities!

Yesterday I shared my UK photogs circle. Turns out it was a few hours too early and has now been swallowed up by something that's going to be a bit bigger: +Scott Jarvie's Circle Share Project. You can find out about this project here:

So what now? Well, first of all, if you're a photographer based in the UK (any ability), get your name on the UK Group.As list curated by +Mark W. Simply go to the link below, copy your profile number into the big white box, then click the big red submit button. Easy! If you're already on this list and many of you are then job done already.

Be quick though. As not long from now, Scott is going to share all of these lists in one big blog post that I imagine will be shared and re-shared. You know how these things go :)

There is another list on Google+ Counter that you may also want to get your name on which is curated by +Heidi Anne Morris which can be found here (I believe the password is ukphotog):

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