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The oxygen mask pops and form bubbles after a few minutes of applying it to the skin.
Read to find out more about the latest products from the pore management experts brand, b.liv.

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Held at Pavilion Bukit Bintang, the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week (KLFW) has got everyone talking about from the fashion designers, artists and even fashionistas. Showing our top picks from the event. #iamhomegrown   #fashionvalet   #klfw2017  

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Magic Jelly Lovera |  1 botol dengan pelbagai guna. 

"Tidak mengandungi kandunan berbahaya dan selamat digunakan.  Aloe Vera sebagai bahan utama yang mempunyai banyak kebaikan kepada kulit, rambut malah seluruh tubuh badan".

#magicjelly #lovera #aloevera  

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Magic Jelly Lovera | 5 Kegunaan Aloe Vera Untuk Kecantikan
Tahukah anda, Aloe Vera merupakan antara bahan yang terkenal dan digunakan secara meluas untuk mengubati masalah yang berkaitan kulit?.  Terdapat pelbagai jenis tutorial dan tips yang boleh didapati di internet mengenai cara penggunaan Aloe Vera untuk kecan...

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Too lazy to do your laundry?.  Let your Mama do it for you. 

Mama Wosh is the best cleaning service for your items offers hassle free dry cleaning and laundry service.  Get in touch with them today!

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Laundry Dilemma, Let Mama Wosh Wash It For You!.
hectic lifestyle that we are living in nowadays doing the laundry seems to be
time consuming. A person roughly spend at least an hour a day to do the
laundry.  Starting with putting clothes into washing machine then dryer and
lastly the final and dread...

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A short story that so many of us could relate to. At the end it was just a fling .

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Who would turn off the offer for ice cream treats?.  The list of 5 artisan ice cream in Malaysia that you should try today, if not tomorrow!.  Support our Malaysian products.

#icecream #malaysianicecream  

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Tried SK-Ii essence and i am loving it!. Skin feels more hydrated, spots appears to be less visible and glowing skin.

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MOMMA® Pregolact™ Susu Milk booster Terbaik untuk Ibu Mengandung dan Menyusu. 
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