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Taking advantage of the heavy fog that blanketed the SF bay area couple of days ago. The sculpture is rather difficult to compose with as the left side of the frame is empty but luckily the sun burned through the fog to help sprinkle some magic on the scene.

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Great balance in the composition, great tones, wonderful layers Albert!
Man - I just love these!
incredible atmosphere and nuance to this image. eerie mysterious. love it.
Great otherworldly feel with that sculpture- wicked nice one +Albert Tam!
Tuan Le
Beautiful image Albert. For a moment there I was going to comment that the rock looks just like a seal but then I saw your description. :)
This is simply fantastic Albert. I love LE photos with the sun or moon in it, they add so much to it...
Thanks all for the great comments and feedback, really appreciate them!

Thanks to those that +1'ed and shared the image, glad you liked it.
Damn +Albert Tam, this is awesome Bud. The tonal separation is great, with the sun breaking through making it even more special!!
top work as usual Albert.
Splendid, +Albert Tam !!! Such a moody appearance of the sun ...
And that rock is fantastic !!! I'm in love with the Zen feeling in this fantastic LE shot.
will s
Thanks, Albert !!!
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