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Ignore It and It Will Go Away
“Ignore it and it will go away” seems to be the motto of a
LOT of customer support departments.   It
takes a special kind of person to take customer support seriously and actually
be eager to help (I oughtta know, I work with a bunch of them). But these oth...

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What Our Marketing Dept. Doesn't Want Us to Tell You
Marketing departments like to talk about all the flashy
stuff – how cool the music is, how the big broadcasters love it, how our
clients swear by us etc. etc.     But here’s
what our marketing department doesn’t want us to tell you. Omnimusic is: Helpful A ...

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New from Omni: CDM 51 "Trip Hop" - Mellow and relaxed, with sustained strings and heavy hip hop beats. Sixteen tracks with broadcast edits.  Hear it at

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Geoffrey Holder's Inspiration
Recently, the Tony Award-winning Dancer, Choreographer, Set
Designer, Director, Costume Designer, Painter, Lecturer, Composer, Writer,
Singer, and Actor Geoffrey Holder passed away at the age of 84.  Yes, that’s a rather long list of titles, and
these are o...

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Repetition Repetition
When my daughter was younger, if I said or did anything cool
or interesting she would yell, “Again again again!”  You had to be really careful what you said
and did, as you’d better be prepared to repeat it 87 times in a row.  Now that my kids are teenagers...

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New music from Omni: OMN 225 "Looking Up II" - More bright, optimistic, energetic tracks for general production use. Eighteen tracks with broadcast edits to lift the spirit.  Hear it at

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The Future is Immobile
In the not-too-distant future, the idea of spinning a piece
of plastic around while shining a light on it to play music will seem as
ridiculous as the idea of records does to the current generation of youths who,
when presented with the idea of how that wor...

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Happy Trails, Pete!
I had never met Pete Seeger before the day he came into my
studio to do some recording - an unassuming man with his signature banjo, but
with a presence that couldn’t be missed.   He was quiet and humble, but deeply interested in everyone.   Pete loved peop...
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