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Trump's lasting damage to the US political system
The overt corruption of the American
presidency is happening more or
less in plain sight.  This past week news broke about a number
of recent deals involving Trump, his family, hangers-on and his enablers, that
show that the worst fears about Trump’s potent...
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The Politics of McCabe's Dismissal
On the firing of Andrew McCabe The Deputy
Director of the FBI, Andy McCabe was fired by Attorney General Jeff Sessions on
Friday evening, 16 March, 26 hours before McCabe was due to retire with a full pension.   While the public has no way to judge whether
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Trump’s cabinet of sycophants
Trump is moving towards the administration cast he is comfortable with.  And that is a problem. At the very
beginning of the Trump administration I, and many others, expected there would
be a ‘house cleaning purge’ of key
government departments.   Although ...
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George Nader's Cooperation Suggest a World of Trouble for Trump World
the George Nader story is potentially so significant Over the past few days a number of details
have emerged about the Mueller-led “Russia” investigation’s interest in the
Trump campaign’s dealings in the middle-east, most particularly with the United
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A thought about Mueller's Indictment of Russian's interfering in the American Election
The depth of detail in the indictment filed today by Mueller's Russian investigation team is quite amazing and should put to rest all but the most deluded conspiracy theorists that Russia did have a very active interference campaign.  Its important to note ...
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Learning from the Brexit and Trump Campaigns: Comparing British and American attempts to fight 'Fake News'
On the British hearings in Washington about Social Media's role in spreading political misinformation It didn’t get
much mainstream press in North America, but last week 11 British MPs held
hearings in Washington investigating US technology companies and th...
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The Trumpian Assault on American Justice
The Trumpian Assault on American Justice While Trump gave his first
State of the Union in a fashion clearly meant to be conventionally “presidential”,
developments in the ongoing attack on the credibility of the FBI and the
Mueller investigation by the Whit...
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Pardoning the unpardonable
While much of North America
is worried about the impending landfall of a potentially catastrophic hurricane
in Texas, the US
president has quietly pardoned the Arizona Sheriff recently convicted of
racial profiling and refusing to obey a federal court’s inj...
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Who now is the hand of the king?
The infighting within Trump’s
White House reached a crescendo this week, with the addition to the menagerie
of mini-me-Trump Anthony Scaramucci and the subsequent and connected ousting of
the buffoonish Sean Spicer and stalwart Republican insider Reince Pri...
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The new Trump offensive
I think we should expect a
ramping-up of accusations against Trump’s critics in the coming days. Trump’s
interview with the New York Times on Wednesday 19 July, and the subsequent reporting
in the Washington Post on Trump’s querying
of the extent of his own...
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