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Tali Rosca
Scripter, sculptor, sometimes builder and overall Rennaisance Cat.
Scripter, sculptor, sometimes builder and overall Rennaisance Cat.


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I have mentioned +jordan reyne before, as one of my top music finds in SL, so I want to mention that she's doing a Christmas sale, with her full discography (13 albums, ranging from dark folk to almost-industrial) for £26.50.

Definitely worth it if you're not already stocked up on her albums.

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2016 has not been good.

The nuclear-powered whitebread Americana which Fallout's backstory lampoons is not an alternate history setting; it is the near future.

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Yet another "Trust us. We're good guys, and we will absolutely, never abuse your data this month".

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Reviving a tradition with a poke at +Indigo Mertel:

A friend cued me in to the garage pop of Meeting of Important People.
They have three albums on Bandcamp (one free and two "name your price"), so give it a listen :-)

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Good to see that Jordan can't quite keep away from music :-)
Dla wszystczy w Polce: nowy video ""Gnijący świat" od T.Love. #polska #muzyk

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Congratulations, Turkey. You are now officially a fascist regime.

-I assume Donald Trump will soon express his admiration for Erdogan's efficient problem solving.

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Mouse Guard as mocap-driven movie.
They need to get Ryan Lang on this.

(Lang is the animator who guest-starred as comics author with the stand-out "The Watcher's Stone" in Legends of the Guard 3.

I am weirdly stoked to think about the possibility of good actors really emoting and voicing the mice.
I hope they give this the budget to knock it out of the park. -And it may actually even be a realistic option.
While Mouse Guard may not come with a huge built-in audience, it is not entirely unknown, and they can market it very broadly while being true to the source material; they can make it actually family friendly, rather than just a children's movie with a couple of in-jokes for adults, as that term usually means.
(Though Mouse Guard still has some fairly dark moments; Fall 1152 is, after all, a civil war, which is not the lightest of topics, even with mice).

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Last year's intriguing reveal of Horizon: Zero Dawn has turned into one of the showstoppers of this year's E3, promising a story-driven open-world-style action adventure in a very interesting world.

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E3 time.
Arkane is showing off a very atmospheric trailer for the sequel to the whalepunk cult hit Dishonored.
Do want!
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