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Bonjour and Bienvenue,

Why did #France become so popular regarding fashion and luxury? How the #French created style, chic and elegance?

I will tell you a story that starts a long time ago, during the reign of Louis XIV, and I will mention these iconic faces that you certainly know (Chanel...). Then, I will finish with the French style nowadays.

This Introduction to French Style couldn't be completed without giving you few tips for you Mesdames but also for you Messieurs.
And of course wine and cheese... and other surprises...

Number of people: 25 people (to keep an intimate and cosy atmosphere).
Price $42 per person

I'm looking forward to sharing my culture with you.

A bientôt.


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I certainly won't surprised you if I say to you that as a French woman, +CoCo Chanel has always been a great inspiration in my life.
Read an article about Coco, the essence of #French style on my #blog

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IT IS OFFICIAL. From now on, you can find my articles on +TV5Monde Asia-Pacific. My first article is already online and I'm so excited. I would like to say a special MERCI to Marie from TV5. Based in Hong Kong, I believe we have successfully communicated about this collaboration on the "blogosphère fashion" in spite of the distance.

If you are in Pacific: click on this link

If you are in Asia: click on this link:

And if you are on another part of this beautiful planet, you can visit my #blog of course
#frenchictouch #fashion #french

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Merci RPM Melbourne for your private ba&sh event!
With a glass of Champagne it was a pleasure to discover the new collection!
A new address added on my blog to go shopping.
#frenchictouch #style #frenchbrand

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Bonne nuit !
Beautiful Avenue des Champs Elysées and Arc de Triomphe.
Did you know that Napoléon hesitated between two projects after his victory at Austerlitz?
- choice 1: the Arc de Triomphe
- choice 2: a huge elephant with a museum inside about his own story!

Thanks he picked the first one. Could you imagine an elephant right there?

Regram: @marriottchampselysees

#frenchictouch #paris

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Reminder for your night!
Positive #mind attracts #positive things

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