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The TPP takes power away from you and hands it to multinational corporations. That’s not “free trade,” that’s a whole new level of corruption.

Can you join me in calling out the TPP for being corrupt? Click here:

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This should've been done long ago.

The cable companies are claiming that this will stifle innovation. What innovation have they made in the past 20 years?

... That would be... none.

Recording live TV and rewinding it? TiVo.

Replaying in any room? The VCR was capable of this before cable TV existed. You could even carry it with you! The MythTV project made it easier with basic cable (and nothing else... thanks DRM!) before cable companies.

The interactive tv guide? That's not innovation. Innovation implies it's a new idea. This is just listening to customers and making it happen.

Those smartphone and tablet apps? People wanted to take their content with them, which of course they couldn't do. Someone realized that the first one to make this possible would have an advantage, and the others followed suit to avoid losing customers. You still need an approved phone or tablet for it. (At least, you do with Verizon. I can't speak for the others.)

Streaming to your PC from your STB? Again, MythTV.

Had the spec been open, there's no telling what new features the pay-tv industry would have.

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Until now, I hadn't wondered why nobody had done this yet.

Now I do wonder: What took so long for somebody to do this?

The music industry claims that every single copy created by a user costs them revenue. Regardless of how long the copies exist. Therefore, creating 100 copies per second should bankrupt them in a few days to a few weeks. Right?


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Google! Why did you cancel this?! You would've made so much money! Especially if you licensed the comm badge's sound effect from CBS Paramount.

I'll just go over here and weep for the scifi majesty that could have been.

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Good news, everyone! And no, I'm not using it to disguise bad news like Professor Farnsworth.

The implications of this trial are so very, very exciting.

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Holy crap! This place makes Venus look downright pleasant!

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Interesting. This article seems to imply that the director of national intelligence agrees with the reasons that Snowden released what he did.

At the same time, the director seems to think that Snowden went too far by exposing ongoing operations and releasing a lot of documents that did more harm to his cause than good, and did a LOT of harm to US intelligence efforts.

Now the government going after Snowden finally makes sense. It's not /that/ he released the explicit scope of American intelligence. It's that he released documents that were not related to the goal of improving transparency, and ended up harming the nation overall. Including the people.

In other words: It's not that Snowden leaked documents. It's that he leaked the wrong documents /alongside/ the right documents.

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