Prince reinvented himself several times and helped a frustrated artist reinvent himself as well.
Charles Pitt, CEO of Americast is ever thankful to Prince for giving him the spark to reinvent himself.
In 2005 Pitt was frustrated with his music career as "America's Tenor.” Despite a hot review from Madonna who called him "the sexiest tenor alive" (Google: "Pitt sexiest tenor alive") nothing was happening with Pitt’s Album, “Be My Love.” One afternoon he found himself sitting next to Prince at the Hamburger Hamlet in West Hollywood. Prince gave Pitt a sympathetic ear when Pitt told him: "This business is so flaky. I'm gonna' have to go back home to my day job at a concrete company."
Prince responded: “Well,  don't give up your art, sing about your concrete and market it with your voice. It might not be as exciting as singing a concert but it IS concrete."
"And it IS made in America," Pitt added.
Charles Pitt took Prince's advice and “reinvented himself” as CEO of Americast.
Google: "Americast America's Tenor."
Google: "Americast it is concrete and it is made in America"
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