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Publisher of ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying

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Icons A to Z compilation now available in PDF and print!

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Looking forward to announcing and releasing this on Monday!

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Redbox Editoria shows off the cover of the forthcoming Brazilian edition of Icons!

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Great Power Kickstarter backers (and you know who you are) check your email or the website for an update (yes, really).

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Ad Infinitum is proud to sponsor ConTessa:  check out their IndieGoGo campaign and offer them your support!
ConTessa Update! 

It's been a busy and fun week for #ConTessa , and we wanted to share with you all of the goodness! 

Welcome back to some of our sponsors!

First, we'd like to welcome back some of our sponsors: +Ad Infinitum Adventures, +Bully Pulpit Games, +DarkAngel MetalWorks, +Engine Publishing, +Josh Roby, +Crone, and +Pelgrane Press Ltd!

The details of their sponsorship will creep out in the coming weeks, but you already know about +Engine Publishing, who's now a part of our IndieGoGo Campaign. What, you don't? Welll, let's talk about IGG updates! 

31 Prizes Packages for the Con Already! 

We're moving along at 24% and have 31 awesome prize packages that have been donated by our generous sponsors. Some of the awesome going into our prize packages (which anyone will be able to win at the convention) are +DarkAngel MetalWorks chainmail dicebags, a ConTessa T-Shirt, a set of +Engine Publishing books, and swag bag stuffed with bookmarks, buttons, Zines, coloring books, site subscriptions, and ALL THE GOODIES!

Remember, this is a self-scaling, flexible funding campaign, so the more we get in, the more we have to give away, so pass along the link!

Digital GMing Kit by Engine Publishing

Just before our goblin went chasing around turkeys for dinner, we announced the Digital GM Kit by +Engine Publishing was added to our IndieGoGo, giving you the ability to buy their awesome books: Eureka, Masks, Never Unprepared, and Odyssey in a bundle or as an add-on:

Giant d20s by Inner Geek Outer Beauty

Just after Turkey Day, we introduced some giant, amazing dice by Bonnie Pang of InnerGeekOuterBeauty. They're gorgeous and we only have a limited supply available, so get your now!

Personalized Holiday Greeting Card

Then, we made it so that you can give any of our perks as a gift this holiday season by adding the option of adding in a customized, personalized card just for your gift giving pleasure!

ConTessa Street Team

Our IGG Campaign is now up to 24%, and could certainly use your help to get the word out! Over the next few days, we'll be rolling out a Street Team program where you can earn experience points to spend on wicked swag just by doing things like blogging about us, resharing our posts, referring new GMs, posting fliers at your FLGS, and so on... we want to get some fresh blood into Hangout Gaming! 

All your actions now WILL count, so please... reshare, redistribute, write about us, link to us, talk about us! You can start by using this - and any of our promo images - to pass along! 

Thanks a lot all you ConTessans out there, we can't wait to game with you in February! 

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Coming Soon for ICONS: Flight of the Nova-1 returns!

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Name one of the +ConTessa characters, win ICONS PDFs!
The Name Game: The Magic Die

This week's lucky winner will get the ICONS & Villainomicon bundle ( from +Ad Infinitum Adventures by +Steve Kenson. Who can resist a good super hero game?! 

Rules and instructions for play below! Help us spread the word about  #ConTessa ! Read more about us at


Place your name choice in the comments below - only ONE entry allowed per person. Comment must include ONLY the name. Any comments that violate this rule will be deleted. Keep your names PG-13 so we don't have to put a NSFW tag on our site!

Voting Periods Ends: Friday May 31st @ 9PM Pacific (

The Rules

- Only one win is allowed per person over the five weeks of the contest.

- One entry allowed per person per character.

- Mondays, we will post that week's character naming thread in the community here: (or Sunday nights Pacific)

- Post your entry in a comment below the provided picture. Again, only one entry is allowed per person per character until you win one, then you're ineligible for future names. Just post the name that you're pitching, nothing else. Comments that don't follow these rules will be deleted.

- Inappropriate, rude, profane, or even questionably racy names will be removed. Let's keep this fun!

- Over the week, champion your cause by resharing this post and asking everyone you know to come in and +1 your answer.

- Voting ends on Friday of the week at 9PM Pacific. The name with the most votes wins! The character will carry that name on our website, and we'll send you the PDF that you've won!

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Woo! Stretch goal 3 of the ICONS: Great Power Kickstarter (a revised Character Folio app) is funded!

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It's Wednesday and time for this week's Re:Animated blog, featuring part 1 of one of my favorite Justice League episodes!

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