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get it guys

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Time to get those medal
This is me and my recruits #IngressRecruits  
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amazing idea
The Writing's On the Wall
by OK Go

This is is insanely creative, well executed, and might make you a bit dizzy-- but still worth watching! 

How do you even begin to think up something like this?

HT +David Foster <-- thanks for that! ;)

#okgo   #music   #justforfun  

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Siapapun tak bisa berbusa-busa bicara tentang visi misi pendidikan dan kesehatan gratis jika untuk soal mendasar (jaminan untuk tak diambil paksa, diculik dan ditembak di luar hukum dan dengan sewenang-wenang) tak bisa dipenuhi. 

Untuk apa imunisasi gratis jika setelah dewasa nyawa seorang anak bisa diambil dengan percuma? Untuk apa pendidikan gratis jika setelah seorang anak jadi cerdas dan lantas mengambil sikap kritis lalu bisa diambil begitu saja dengan alasan mengganggu ketertiban dan mengganggu Sidang Umum MPR? Untuk apa lapangan kerja jika setelah bersusah payah membangun rumah hasil bekerja sekian lama akhirnya harus terusir hanya karena keyakinan yang berbeda?

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WIN A PEBBLE with DKC Home Automation ( and AutoPebble(!
To celebrate the release of AutoPebble we are doing a giveaway where you can win a brand new Pebble/Pebble Steel (you choose which one you want)!
All you have to do to participate is:
- share this post publicly. With it share this awesome video by Doug Gregory where he shows how you can easily use AutoPebble and AutoVera to control all of your Z-Wave devices with your Vera, for full-on home automation from your wrist.
- Comment on this post so we can know that you shared the video. Make sure you comment on this post ( and not on a share of the post you might have gotten or we can't track your comments.

If you want to follow this contest, join the "Tasker Plugins by joaomgcd" community ( We'll announce the winner there and you can also learn all about the AutoApps!

In 2 weeks we will randomly pick a winner out of all the participants. Good luck and share, share, share! :)

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