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Pump It Up NX2 USB Tricks and Info - Changing IDs, Avatars and more!
Pump It Up NX2 is the first game in the Pump It Up series which supports USB profile data. You can use a USB to store WorldMax progress, mileage, number of plays, items and more. Two songs, "Solitary 1.5" (Yahpp) and "No Despair" (Hot Potato), can only be p...

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Pump It Up - MK6 - Andamiro Boot Loader Loop and/or Gray Screen Boot Loop
Symptoms: Andamiro PIU HDD Boot Loader gets stuck looping on boot of the Pump It Up arcade cabinet. The message "Ok. Wait a moment..." is also displayed. The screen may also switch between gray and black. Hardware: Gigabyte GA-8IG1000MK (rev 1.X or 2.X) Gig...

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*** Web Contact Scraper Version 4.2 - Released! ***

NEW - Added support for USA (ThomasNet Suppliers)
NEW - Updated YellowPages USA Master Category List
FIX - Text typo within the software version update dialog
FIX - Issue with resuming a past partial search more than once

More Information:
Download URL:

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HOW TO: Use PIUIO with Stepmania 5 and OpenITG
Once you have installed the drivers for PIUIO on your system, you will need the software to be able to interact with your PIU drivers. PIUIO drivers are natively supported in Stepmania 5 and OpenITG. There may be older flavours of Stepmania which include PI...

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Installing PIUIO Drivers for Windows
If you're building an MK6/MK9 for Pump It Up, or, OpenITG for In The Groove, or, simply a Stepmania setup... You may have opted for using a PIUIO to communicate with your arcade cabinet. If running a distribution of Linux, then installing PIUIO is a very si...

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YouTube Bulk Uploader for the Lazy - Version 3.0 RELEASED!!!

- Added SPINTAX support for the video title AND description fields
- Added Database File Sync utility.
- Added Wikipedia integration to generate video descriptions from Wikipedia!
- Improved product licencing support
- Added software update notices to the application
- Added server maintenance messages to the application
- Added stop button to the File Path Sync feature
- Updated application icons to the Upload Queue

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