Many seem confused by this, so I'm going to apply my extensive knowledge of music theory to explain something:

Why are meaningless, shit pop songs so popular when deep, moving songs are obscure?

This is true for a number of reasons:

1. Pop trash is predictable. When you listen to it, you know you're going to get a tea-tray shallow range of emotions which stimulate without overwhelming. Deep meaningful songs are unpredictable. They make people feel things they didn't expect to, offer new perspectives, and can change who you are as a person. This is not what many people come to music for. For the same reason that Tom Clancy is more popular than Neil Gaiman, Call Me, Maybe will always be more popular than Sex Changes.

2. Simplistic pop trash is 'catchy.' That's not just a word we use to mean imminently popular, it describes a degree of repetitive spiral-expansion  lyrics matched up to a consistent beat which taps into the brain's love of repetition. It sticks in the brain in a way which stimulates the superficial pleasure centers, and in doing so encourages people to relisten, share, and go to nightclubs where the song is playing.

3. Pop trash plays well at dance clubs. Take Paint it Black and try to make a house mix without undermining the meaning of the song. I dare you. Even if the music isn't to your taste, when you're 10 shots deep and a little high, the energy of the song and the crowd is sensual and pleasurable. They lend themselves to remixes that keep them slightly fresh and allow them to be tempered to the mood of a club. Thus, people form positive associations between that time they were with that ohmygodsohot guy and they danced all night and then he took them back to his hotel and it was just such a magical night even though they're totally not even like that. They want the song to take them back to the moment. Born in the USA takes you back to a moment when you were sad thinking about the tribulations of Vietnam War veterans, which while valid and meaningful isn't something you want playing on the radio on your way to a lunch date.

The fact of the matter is, it isn't that meaningless pop/singtalk/comrock is bad per se, it just serves a different purpose in peoples' lives. Just as a hot dog isn't haute cuisine but can still make a shitty day a little brighter, You Belong With Me doesn't have to be musically impressive or challenge our preconceptions to serve it's purpose. An uninspired but reliable desk chair is every bit as necessary to the world as an intricately carved writing desk.
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