I wrote this post long ago and never published it under the (in retrospect naive) hope of an authorial platform, and while you need to replace some words one way or another, the recent sensitivity witch hunt reminds me of it.

I don't give a fuck about your group, your cause, your creed, or your priorities. Your race, your gender, your group. I, as a white-as-driven-snow, sometimes-wealthy, well-bred, well-educated, born-rich, impossibly lucky, Sunday-stroll-down-easy-street-living, and (let's just face it) brilliant, beautiful, (did I mention?) white First-World man who grips onto every privilege, opportunity, advantage, and pleasure presented do not, at all, give a fuck. Your gender, your race, your sexuality, your creed, your derivation, your self-definition, your amalgamation, your Friday night fucking poker game, I do not care in even the most cursory fashion. Feminists, MRAs, Communists, Socialists, Fascists, corporatists, Libertarians, anarchocapitalists, Christians, Muslims, Jews, pagans, hippies, primitavists, technocrats, transmontainists, Indians, Americans, Russians, Irish, English, German, Chinese, Kongolese, poor, rich, slaves, masters, sexual deviants (see also slaves and masters), chefs, receptionists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, welfare recipients, cat people, dog people, lovers of black licorice, let me know in the comments if I missed you, I could save up fucks for a thousand years, and my budget would still not leave a fuck.

I care about you. I genuinely do. You, individually. I actually do have a personal interest in every individual on earth.

What I do not care about is your self-created, self-defined, self-sustaining group of directionlessly demanding victims. I spent a decade working for the oppressed. I spent a decade watching the response was. I spent a decade watching a simple and unimpressive pattern emerge:

Every good turn (or bad turn, or unrelated turn) done earns a firmer and more extreme demand. An argument demands a protest, a protest demands a campaign, a campaign demands a revolution. None of them ask for an opportunity to serve others, because each group has no direction, no purpose beyond its own perpetuation. To expect altruism, to expect repayment is like demanding a cow provide grain; a cow exists to make more cows, and no situation can draw a cow away from the making of more cows, because that is the one and only purpose of a cow. A cow has no foresight, no plans, no preparations, no give and take. A cow simply has the accumulation of cows ad infinitum.

I do not care.

Ask yourself this, looking at your outcomes: Does anyone else?
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