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Just Because You're The Leader...
 DELEGATE - RECRUIT - EMPOWER - APPRECIATE Just because you're the leader  doesn't mean you have to do all the work.  Here are my 4 rules for leading: Delegate - It's not about you and doing everything your way. It's about leading others. That is why... wai...

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You can plant referral seeds for a harvest of business.

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Referral Seeds Guarantee a Harvest
Antonio Delacerda When Antonio with A-Team Plumbing, joined Broken Arrow Gold Star Referral Club in 2014, he really didn't know what to expect. Maybe a few jobs here and there. However, every time he stood up and gave his 60 Second Presentation, it was like...

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Life isn't fair... but what choice do you have?

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I Have A Parole Officer
You probably know this -  life isn't fair. Well, I got a traffic ticket for going through a yellow light... really! A yellow light. A possible $150 fine and 2 points. When I saw the police car lights twirling behind me I'm thinking, "He must be after that b...

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Pushing Past Fear Into Business Networking Success
Are you a business owner who just naturally loves to network with others? Is it easy and fun for you to speak in public, meet new people, and enjoy
new experiences? If that describes you, then that innate strength has helped
you more than you might realize....

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Little things Matter!

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Little Things That Effect Your Business in a BIG Way!
“ Little Things ” Matter For most of us, the “ little
things ” in life make a big difference, both in our personal lives and in
our business life.  Today, I’d like to talk about the little things we do that
affect our businesses in a bigger way than we ...

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Add a little Silver Lining to your Business Networking Group with visitors.

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Visitors Add a Little Silver to the Gold
New Gold Star Club in Jenks, OK Inviting
Visitors – Let’s
Add A Little Silver to the Gold Do you remember that little song that we used to sing in
rounds, “Make new friends – and keep the
old, One is silver and the other Gold”?  I heard it on the radio the ...
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