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Brian Beacom
Games Programming Extraordinare and Opinionated studenty, shouty person!
Games Programming Extraordinare and Opinionated studenty, shouty person!


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Happy to back here in Queenstown, New Zealand and getting ready to launch Aurora HDR 2018! Get it at .
BTW, I made this photo with the new app and have been working on a bunch of videos. My goal over the next week is to make one new video per day, showing off the various features. I'm not sure I can do that... especially since I am so tired after Burning Man, but I will try! :) #queenstown #purenz

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 76240

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Time to vote in today’s referendum

Today is the referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union. Polling stations in the UK will be open from 7am - 10pm.

For more information on how to vote from the Electoral Commission, visit


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Ooh new one - guess this is inactivity related but just presents as no music playing even after pause/play or skip or page refresh.

Okay Feedback time ;P I think a lot I'll probably be repeating other folk but that's fine just consider it a vote for :)

** UI/UX **
The onboarding screens are quite nicely presented though I'm not sure how functional they are - as a host I'll have already reviewed the features before installing and the contextual information through the app is quite nice already - for that flow you could maybe just have a couple of popovers for extra information first time round if anything. As a guest, I don't care about how to host or what audio providers there are - I'm using it because the host has said it's in use and I'll be using the providers set by host (although you could probably stick the icons on somewhere just so I get an idea in case I want to use it myself at a future event) So get rid of a couple of screens I don't care about and get me right into app. Use popovers to introduce any perks that may come from signing in too (access to playlists) but once they're on the player screen

It slso seems kinda weird onboarding can go landscape but the party picking screen can't - if the app doesn't support landscape I'd just get that out of the way straight out the door, no one's really gonna mind.

Speaking of the party picking screen I think that's actually quite fine the way it is - as far as I can see 99% of the time party will pop up right up in location list and everything will be easy though I don't think you should be afraid of de-emphasising the host's flow to keep things easy for guests in general. As a host I'm gonna be prepared to go to a bit more effort. So you could maybe go a bit bigger with code entry UI to make it stand out as option B instead of having the same weight as starting your own.

Finally the player screen is nice again, I think everything is pretty obvious except for the swipe - stumbled across that whilst looking for voting options though I did notice the tooltips/toasts at bottom of the screen in the beta version which explains that better - I wonder if you could do something with the UI to make that more obvious, like have delete in the context menu as well but when you press it the track swipes off to the side to make it clear swiping is the deleting action. I'm also not sure it's obvious what the dislike button does - when I was using it last night I had guessed what it might do but wasn't until I got a tweet from you guys that I was sure enough to actually use it.

Also bonus round: I discovered the app via your website and myself and the party host's first priority was to set up the host device (in this case a PC/Web Browser) and then we'd worry about installing or using the client apps so we were desperately looking for instructions for setting it up for Windows - eventually decided we may as well have a look at the app and realised from there we should start the party on the phone - you should update the website to make it obvious for people coming from a Windows/Web point of view.

** Features **

Aside from the bug I posted about before the main missing thing for us was a lack of voting controls - we'd been using so we'd already had experience of voting and it's really good for getting the songs people want first - also guests have a tendency of putting on several by the same artist voting is a great natural way to separate those out.

It's been mentioned elsewhere but the fallback playlist is also pretty important - and I've noticed in the Beta app version you can now add all songs from a playlist which is a great start but I think still pretty useless as it means no guest music gets played until fallback is done. This is another thing festify does well - the fallback playlist is essentially a separate tier and appears to be treated as having 0 votes - if someone votes for it then it gets pushed up the playlist to fall in line with all of the one vote songs (usually quite near the top as secondary sort appears to be on time it was added)

Next thing - to be a bit aspirational would it be possible to set up a Google Play default radio as a playlist? Taking even more work off of the hosts hands? Music can keep being pulled off of it whenever queue gets a bit empty. Can understand if API access prevents this but it would be nifty.

What could also be pretty cool as a piece of pie in the sky luxury - alongside the dislike current track have a like one and if enough people like it then the volume gets turned up x% so folk can listen to it better before shifting down for next song.

And finally to work counter to all of that, host probably wants to have some configuration options as more things get added - for example some people may not want music cutting off half way through and to be able to disable disliking songs for their guests - similarly I'm not sure if ALL GUESTS can add an entire playlist in one go or if it's just the host right now, if it's All Guests I personally would probably like to switch that off. Same could go with most of the things I've just described.

At the end of all that just want to say I hope it's obvious that I've taken the time to write down all this because I like the app as it stands and think it has a lot of potential so don't be dispirited or anything :)

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Keep getting these with Google Play music and the music stops and can't be resumed :(

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Been trying out my new camera tonnes lately - it takes some nice pictures. :D
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Game Programmer Vacancy
Guerilla Tea is on the hunt for new talent, if you're a programmer in need of a new challenge check us out at the link. :)
#jobs   #gamesdev   #programming  

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Pretty nifty primer on using Drag and Drop in new Unity UI, got me up to speed pretty fast, especially playing at x2 speed. :P Why does everyone talk so slowly?!

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Picked up Child of Light by +Ubisoft Montreal in the Steam Sale, it's really rather nice. =3
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