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Insect infestations, chewed-through wires, toppled trashcans - critters can leave us speechless. But think of it from their perspectives. Maybe they have a perfectly good reason for doing what they do, if only we’d just hear them out. What if there were animal whisperers in the Triangle area that could help?

Animal Whisperers?
Yes. They’re out there. These highly trained professionals speak a number of animal languages and communicate with them as a service to the public. Here are just a couple recent examples as proof to the doubtful.

The Mouse in The Walls
A Durham customer, we’ll call her Cindy, called Critter Control of the Triangle to report what sounded like a small rodent crying behind her walls. We showed up as soon as we could and pinpointed the location of this distraught fellow.

After squeaking back and forth through the walls for a bit with Jim (the mouse’s name was Jim), we learned he was the source of the power outage earlier in the day. He chewed through what he had thought was a warm strand of pasta. He was wrong, though. It was an electrical wire. He received quite a shock, and the crying resulted.

It ended up being a productive conversation as some negotiations then took place. He agreed never to chew on electrical wires again, and, using the animal whisperer as an interpreter, Jim and Cindy came to an understanding on where and when he could be in the home.

The Great Trash War of 2017
Possibly the greatest feat of animal whispering of the year involved a multi-party negotiation on ownership of the trash cans of Jorge Valdez of Apex. For years, a family of native North Carolinian opossums had laid claim to these cans and relied on them for their livelihood. As is becoming increasingly common, though, a raccoon from New Jersey moved to the neighborhood and just acted like he owned the place.

To make matters worse, the insects that had enjoyed time-share agreements with the opossums were now being shooed away even though it was CLEARLY their right to be eating Jorge’s discarded mashed potatoes once it was past 3 a.m. When this couldn’t be resolved, fighting broke out.

Mr. Valdez wisely called us in to handle the situation. Within no time we had created a new power-sharing agreement that respected each of the parties’ wishes and all left satisfied. Just being able to communicate in their native tongues goes a long way and is a key to animal whispering success.

Critter Control of the Triangle
Okay, maybe we can’t QUITE converse with animals per se. But sometimes it does feel like we’re getting close. We spend so much of our time studying animal behavior and responding to it - we have a pretty good idea of what these critters must be thinking.

Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Morrisville, Cary, and the surrounding areas are growing quickly. This means we are pressing into land formerly occupied by animals. They probably have a few choice words for us, if only someone were listening. That’s where we come in. Let us know if there is a critter on your property causing trouble and we’ll have a word with them. Call (919) 382-0651 and let us know what’s going on, or put the animal on the phone so we can get their side of the story.
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