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Josias Baez (Noobboy45)
The world around you its not what it seems. -Ingress
The world around you its not what it seems. -Ingress

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"If you don't sacrifice for what you want. What you want becomes the sacrifice"
Day 1

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First portal lvl16 in Dominican Republic!

#Ingress #Enlightened

+Matilde Tusberti+Ingress+John Hanke+Andrew Krug+Ethan Lepouttre​ 

English version below

Primer portal Level 16 en República Dominicana

Es por todos conocido que la cantidad de agentes de la facción iluminada respecto su adversaria es muy reducida, aun así, a inicio de febrero 2016 con una desventaja de 5 vs 3 agentes lv16 y 10 vs 8 agentes lv15, un grupo de agentes lv15 asumieron el compromiso de subir de nivel, para de esta manera lograr tener el primer portal LV16 en República Dominicana. A partir lo anterior, los agentes lv15 se dedicaron por 6 meses a jugar de manera intensa para alcanzar tan añorado nivel.

Para lograr que el primer portal LV16 del país fuese legítimo, se consideró que este debía de cumplir con las siguientes características:

-Ser el 1er porta lv 16 del país.
-Estar en República Dominicana.
-Estar en sitio público (al acceso de todos).
-Los resonadores lv8 deben ser colocados exclusivamente por agentes iluminados Lv16 Dominicanos.
-Los resonadores deben provenir de agentes íntegros.

Conociendo lo anterior y habiendo logrando completar la cantidad de agentes requeridos para el primer portal lv 16 del país, llegamos a la parte más dificil, reunirnos, dicen por ahí, que más fácil que te aprueben 10 portales sometidos que reunir 8 agentes +lv8 iluminados en un mismo sitio, muchas veces por los compromisos personales del dia a dia que cada uno. Considerando lo anterior y tras 3 semanas de coordinación, decidimos hacer una pequeña reunión en uno de los mejores lugar para comer pasteles en hojas del país, dado que el sitio es un portal en sí.

Al final, a las 10:00 pm del 2 de agosto del 2016, los iluminados dominicanos lograron hacer en República Dominicana el primer portal level 16 del país.

Gracias a los agentes involucrados que se dedicaron a otorgar este logro a la facción iluminada, en especial atención a aquellos que contribuyeron de manera indirecta con esta meta..

Agentes LV 16 involucrados


Fin de la transmisión...

English version

First Portal Level 16 in Dominican Republic

Is well known that the number of agents of enlightened faction about his opponent is very small, still to early February 2016 with a handicap of 5 vs. 3 LV16 agents and 10 vs 8 agents LV15, a group of agents LV15 assumed the commitment level up, to thereby achieve LV16 be the first portal in the Dominican Republic. From above, the LV15 agents spent 6 months to play intensively to achieve such longed level.

To make the first portal LV16 the country was legitimate, it was considered that this must comply with the following characteristics:

-Be the 1st country lv 16 carries.
-Being in the Dominican Republic.
-Being in a public place (access for all).
-LV8 resonators must be deployed by Dominican ENL agents level 16.
-The resonators must come from intact agents.

Knowing this and having obtaining complete the amount required for the first lv goal 16 country agents, we come to the most difficult, to meet part, they say, that easier to get approved 10 websites under that gather eight agents + LV8 illuminated in one place, often for personal commitments of the day to day each. Whereas before and after 3 weeks of coordination, decided to make a small meeting in one of the best place to eat cakes leaves the country, since the site is a portal itself.

Finally, at 10:00 pm on August 2, 2016, the enlightened Dominicans in the Dominican Republic succeeded in making the first portal 16 the country level.

Thanks to those involved agents who devoted themselves to grant this achievement to the enlightened faction, in particular attention to those who contributed indirectly to this goal ...

Agent LV 16


End of transmission...


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Most of the Ingress players have this one friend who was always complaining and laughing about you going out to find "portals" wasting time and money for a silly game.

That same friend... is now playing PoGo.

Life. Lol.

Well, thanks to PoGo now people don't awkwardly looked at me while playing Ingress...

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+Behind The Scanner​is celebrating the 100 episodes with the special guest +John Hanke​!!
Join us Thursday, July 7, 2016 at 9:00 pm ET (-5 UTC) / 1:00 am GMT live via a Hangout On Air for the 100th Episode of Behind the Scanner! Our very special guest is +John Hanke, CEO and Founder of Niantic, Inc.!

If you want to ask a question to our guest please do it as a comment on the original post.

You can interact with hosts, guests and other viewers live during the show in our chat room on our website at

Q&A has been enabled for this hangout so you can start to submit your questions now by clicking the QA button in the upper right of the YouTube image. Otherwise, you can also log in live during the show on our website at Please be sure tag the guest you want to ask the question to by starting your question with @[guest name].

If you have a guest suggestion please let us know by filling out the form on our website at

If you can't watch us live you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch the interview raw and unedited after the fact at

#MeridianProject #BehindTheScanner #Ingress #Enlightened #Resistance +Ingress #BTS #episode

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TL:DR - How odd is to be able not only to spoofed myself into a massive XM anomaly but also recover two pieces of Intel information before the measurements in #AegisNova Brooklyn!!

Saturday morning, long lines waiting to pick up the official kits from Niantic, and I was in such a rush because I was suppose to pick up my bike in a rental store but my capt said it was mandatory to be in the official group foto because niantic decided to call out names and released intel information of the measurements.

I was so desperated to get my bike that I decided to skip everything and go straight to the group photo and wait for Nia to mention the list of the agents to see if we can recover any valuable information and just leave to pick my bike...

Luckly for me I was close to Susanna Moyer and P.H. Chapeau by the time they started mentioning names. They called out one resistance agent and he wasn't there so they give out the Intel to the closest person, who happens to be me! :)

I ran away to provide the information to my capt and while taking the picture of the intel information i couldn't believed my ears... The enlighten agent they call out was me!? For one second my mind tricked me because I thought "come on Noobbboy45 theres like 2000+ agents in here, the chances of they calling your name is 0 to none. But then again I heard... My name and last name... Then without missing a beat I spoofed myself there for the second time but now to recover intel information for my team!!!

Someone was able to catch the moment I ran to get the Intel information ;)

#Ingress #Enlightened #HeExtends #Victory #Brooklyn
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I Spoofed Myself Here V.2

Aegis Nova Edition

#AegisNova #Ingress #HeExtends #Enlightened

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Aegis Nova Brooklyn was captured by the Enlightened!!!!

#AegisNova #Victory #Ingress #Enlightened

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Totally love this adaptation.

- Love Death Immortality
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