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Hunter Hicks
Just a has-been edgy freak
Just a has-been edgy freak
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"It is indeed true that I deserve to die, O Emperor." -Han Yu

I descend further!

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2013 me would be spamming conservative memes I stole from my friends right now

I want to come back here, but I have no incentive to learn this new freaking layout

♫ There's a stain there's a stain there's a stain on the floor. I wanna soak, wanna scrub, wanna clean it and more. But all the nurses are refusing to let me out of bed, and my eyes are poring nightly. ♫ -Motion City Soundtrack

"He read a target's note and joined him."

2,797 more to go!

"They will hate us. But our work is done. They can try, but no one can undo our work. More people will hate us for saving them than the Lord."

One of my two most intellectually stimulating (I'm not a neckbeard, I swear) friends has left me.
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