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Maybe today I'll get to the front of the X100S queue (I had to rush off to a meeting three people before my turn, yesterday).
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Next time distract them with your moiré-inducing herringbone jacket. Then waltz right up to the front.
I didn't think it through, did I? I've got my puppytooth check suit with me, though. I'll see how that gets on.
Nice. I'm seriously considering getting the X100s and selling my X100, but unlike my early adopter ways last time, I'm waiting for some solid reviews to come out, like via DP Review etc.
Don't wait for the reviews. Everyone should just buy all the X100s models, then when the X-Pro 2 comes out I'll have it all to myself. ;-)
We're told there aren't any production X100S' yet - otherwise I'd be out shooting a gallery. As such we can't review it just yet. I've just got back from the Fujifilm stand and the X100S is worth queuing for - it seems very impressive. I think I'm the only person who didn't want them to move the AF button, though.
Sometimes, when I think of Fuji, they fix what ain't broken, and forget to fix the stuff that is broken. I'm definitely waiting this time before buying; I like my X100, but in hindsight, I probably wouldn't have bought it.
Hi Mark. I've been pretty impressed with how much Fujifilm has improved the X100 via firmware updates - it's a much nicer camera to use now than when it was first launched. And, if the comments on our X100S preview are anything to go by, most people consider the AF button thing to be a fix.
Hi Richard. Thanks for the feedback.

When I first got my X100, I was impressed with certain things so much (especially the styling, the jpg engine inside, and the sensor quality) that I tried to gloss over its glaring faults. I tumblr'ed it all up here: and here: but I ended up not doing the Part III (I should have) because of increasing frustrations with the menu system, the auto focus, the manual focus, even the stupid "designed fir 9 year old piano-playing fingers" menu/ok button. I had some interaction with the FujiGuys regarding my tumblr reviews, but the moment I started discussing the camera's failings, they clammed up.

The firmwares have improved things somewhat. But I find my camera extremely unpredictable  it sometimes nails exposure, sometimes is way, way off. Vibrant reds always seem to render as magentas with the jpg engine (it's only big flaw, imo) which is even worse in the other Fuji camera I have, the XF1. I am a manual focus fiend, so it is especially frustrating how glaringly wrong Fuji got manual focus on this camera, especially in light under 10EV. I've read with great interest how they've improved many of these things with the X100s, but I will wait until I read reviews, and maybe play with one in a store before buying this time around.
I think many of those are fair points. I haven't noticed the X100 being particularly prone to red-channel clipping (which is what's causing the magenta tinge you're seeing).

The OK button is a bit more pronounced, a Q menu makes changing settings easier and, having just played with it, the manual focus control (and indication, with the digital split prism feature) seem much improved, but I won't start saving until we've done some testing.
No problem. Maybe you can give me some advice on Vancouver when I finally make it up there.
would be happy to. I can tell you the best cocktail bars, the best cafes (natch lol), and a few off the tourist path places to check out.
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