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Ryan Brown
Marketing, sports, digital media and life in San Francisco
Marketing, sports, digital media and life in San Francisco

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Awesome work that I was lucky to be a part of: 

Twitter Filled Vegas Hotel Suite With Crazy Tech to Impress Brands 

#CES #CES2014

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Check out the latest video that we made last Saturday. It was a same day edit which meant we had to shoot and edit this exact video to be shown during the reception.

One of the best feelings in the world is to see the reactions of the bride and groom (along with their closest family and friends) to see the events of the day unfold. 

I can't take all the credit - this was an amazing effort by solid team of Francis Reyes Basco, Hubert Lamela, Michael Nguyen. 

If you haven't already please like our page: Motionscope Weddings ( and follow us Twitter/IG (@motionscope) and if you want extra credit please share this post.


#wedding   #weddings   #weddingphotography   #weddingphotographers   #weddingvideography  
#weddingvideographer   #weddingvideo   #dslr   #dslrfilmmaking   #dslrcamera  

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Just made a movie of my Twitter: … What do you think? #FollowMe #Vizify

New Google+ redesign is pretty neat #googleplusupdate  

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Some of my favorite recent +Instagram photos 
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Just registered!

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How effective are QR codes in marketing to college students?

"Here are just a few of our findings:

81% of students owned a smartphone
80% of students had previously seen a QR code
21% of students successfully scanned our QR code example.
75% of students said they are “Not Likely” to scan a QR code in the future.

QR codes do enjoy a high-level of awareness among college students yet only a fraction (21%) could properly scan and activate the code. Why the discrepancy? According to our findings, students simply struggled with the process. Some didn’t know a 3rd party app was needed, many mistakenly assumed it could be activated with their camera, and others just lost interest, saying the activity took too long. This could be why 75% of students said they were “Not Likely” to scan QR codes in the future."


I still have never scanned a QR code. Ever.

When I see a QR code in an advertisement, I ask myself two things:

1. How the hell do I scan this? Even if I really wanted to scan this QR code, I have absolutely no idea which app I would use. I consider myself pretty tech-savvy, but this is one thing I won't bother finding out how to solve.
2. I usually see these codes durring my commute. Who in their sane minds would go through the trouble and walk up to an advertisement in a crowded, moving train?

Am I alone in this? Have you ever taken the time to scan a QR code?

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Wordpress and +Posterous among the launch partners!

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Foursquare now stands alone

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