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Those times, her pain wasn’t a part of her anymore.
Those times, she was a part of it.”
― Robin Talley, As I Descended

So thankful for all of my Twitter friends and fellow migraineurs. Grab an ice pack and enjoy your Thanksgiving! #migraine #chronicpain

So thankful for the clear weather this weekend. I got to spend Saturday with my girl at the craft show and later, Light Up Shelbyville. We both needed a day together and I felt well enough to do both. To top off the weekend, we all attended Friendship Sunday at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Friends, lunch and fellowship in God's house. It's hard to beat that.

REALLY struggling with goal of removing sugar from my diet. I've grown quite a sweet tooth and #migraine caused sugar cravings don't help.

So difficult to schedule family holiday events when I have no idea how I'll be feeling that day. Do you go to family events while in pain?

When keeping a #migraine journal, how do you record the difference between the constant pain of chronic migraine and a full migraine attack?

Began #DryNeedling treatments this morning. Hoping this can replace some of my meds. Has anyone used this treatment before? #migraine

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I really need to try this. My family eats WAY too much frozen pizza and that's on my short list of foods that absolutely must be removed from our diet.
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