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I'm going to be in town today

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I should print this on my wall....#goodAdvise

It sucks that word can't take any other forms of bibliography file. If only it supports bibtex style files. Now converting is a hassle, the best I found was Jabref. Seems to work, but have to fix a lot of errors.

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Finally got to use my Bluetooth mouse again. I thought it was my hardware, to verify that, i tried to add my device using command line[1] to read some error output. But I manage to connect my device, so it must be software related. So apparently, the new Debian Mint 2.0 is phasing out the old bluetooth manager. And it seems it will be replaced by blueberry[2] bluetooth manager sometime soon. Apt-get it, and it seems to be available and capable of adding new bluetooth devices.



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Some people have problems coping with failures and rejections. Wonder what kind of environment he was brought up in, and why does he have such little training in coping with failures and rejections. So you get dump, so what. There is indeed more than one flower in the garden.

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Sitting 130 degrees like this, ill end up sleeping 180 degrees.
#Sitting  - it's toll on your body

dkt malaysia yer uni., do we look at h-index when publishing in a journal. H-Index 59 okay ker? what is encourage in the uni?

Dapat message kat bawah dalam email. Aper lah email ker uia nie, mcm nie punya email mcm maner lah researchers nak communicate with others in the world. Buat malu jer kalau email org asyik bounce jer. Lama2 org fed up.

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