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I gotta say, I didn't expect it to work this well. With that said, I still don't think I'd use it if I had it

Sure seems like Google+ brought a knife to a gun fight.

+Jeff Jarvis On TWIG you say that "We" moved sites to Page 2 of results. We don't know that and that is the point. We don't know how Google's algorithm works and what motivations it embodies. That is the fear of Google's power.

As to solutions, can someone tell me why we couldn't simply restrict Google to search? All the problems seem to stem from Google using its Search marketshare to promote its other, non-Search, properties.

So what happens when Reed Hastings decides that there are too many people using Qwikster instead of Netflix? Will they start slowing down delivery? Only deliver a few days a week? Increase plan prices again and again? Stock fewer and fewer copies so the wait gets longer and longer for popular titles?

Then look at the Netflix side. They lost the Starz deal. I don't remember the last big content deal Netflix struck. More and more content houses are going to go direct with apps. What would make anyone believe the situation is going to get better for Netflix?

Reed Hasting is a good businessman but this move seems premature at best and is insulting to the customers that built his business.

Why is no one asking how many of the 550,000 Android "activations" per day we should actually care about when talking about Smartphone market growth?

Would an Amazon tablet be considered an Android "activation". How about a phone running Baidu's fork of Android? What about the Chinese OPhone? Are those being counted in that 550,000/day "activations" number?

Microsoft's smartphone marketshare drops 15%. Shouldn't new platforms go the other way? If this were HP they'd have taken Windows Phone 7 behind the barn and shot it by now.

From ComScore:

Sure seems like +Leo Laporte is just phoning it in on MacBreak Weekly these days. It's kind of sad to watch since he used to be so enthusiastic about the show. Now it just seems like he sits there looking for a way to mention Android or find a new Jobs/dictator comparison.

This has been a titanic week for tech news.

So Dell's growth is in cloud and services. HP is spinning off the PC business in order to focus on enterprise and services. Has Apple wrecked the PC industry? Are we looking at a "earths magnetic poll flip"-level change in the consumer computing space?

Crazy days.

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