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Adam Clements
Love my wife and son, enjoy my job, like dogs
Love my wife and son, enjoy my job, like dogs

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This seems to wrong, i hope this story goes viral enough for a full investigation. if it is as bad as it looks the cop aught to lose his job and never work in an authority position again.

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I'm going to miss my manual transmission when my model 3 is done :(
Why Don't Electric Cars Have Multi-Gear Transmissions?

One of the biggest differences between electric cars and their conventional counterparts has to do with the drivetrain. An internal combustion vehicle has a multi-speed gearbox with numerous ratios; nearly every electric car has a single-speed transmission.

Implicitly, this makes sense. An electric motor delivers its maximum torque at zero RPM. Unlike an internal combustion engine, it doesn't need a system to disconnect it from the drivetrain to allow it to idle while the vehicle is stopped. But there's a more in-depth explanation to be had here, and it's fascinating.

Watch the video that explains it at

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Time to get that Tesla...
UK to follow France in banning petrol and diesel cars by 2040 – going all electric

After France announced earlier this month that it plans on banning new petrol and diesel cars by 2040, now the British government is about to announce similar measures this week.

The move is in reaction to increasingly poorer air quality in the country and especially in urban regions – like London.

Once all-electric powertrains, due to the falling cost of batteries, reach cost parity with internal combustion engines before accounting for cost of operation (gas and maintenance savings), there will be virtually no reason for buyers to want gas-powered cars over battery-powered cars.

At the rate battery costs are falling, it will happen soon (between 2020 and 2025) and the industry should transition their production capacity over the following 10 years.


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He should, worthless racist.

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Looks like a good place to train, work

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Game changer! only problem is it'll cost an absurd amount.

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If you plan to replace your car this year, the all electric Leaf is the cheapest used electric car out there - can find some for 8-9K very easily. ►►► _Hybrid industries also DOUBLES THE RANGE OF THE LEAF for only 6.5K._►► ►  The Leaf is the best selling electric car globally, having sold 200,000+ already. You will pay 3 times less on fuel, since electricity is 3 times cheaper (it can be 5-7 times cheaper in some countries though).  Or pay zero if you don't mind driving to a public free charging station and wait 30 minutes for a quick charge of 80 miles.  Nissan replaces your battery for free if your battery has 9 bars instead of the 12 on a new car.  100000 mile warranty goes to your used car when you buy it and you get to use the CAR POOL LANE too when alone, as most Leafs have the sticker on them.  Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and other places like Nissan, Toyota, BMW, etc have free quick charge stations too.  Can do some email, texting and get free charging.   if your workplace offers free electric car charging (many companies do), you no longer have any fuel expense and no trip to quick charge stations or home charging, plus no oil change either, far less maintenance.  Just google the nearest free public charging stations.  The Android App is PlugShare, 90000 charging stations on this network.

Most people charge in the garage while sleeping between 11 pm to 7 am. explains how to get 23 miles per hour charging at home on a 240 dryer plug with 30 amp circuit.  for example.  You can upgrade the cable the leaf comes with as the link explains for faster at home charging.

If your very old gas car or hybrid is worn out and the time is to buy a newer car - there are many used Leafs and the range is about 80-90 miles depending on how much it was driven.  If you want longer range, you can pay 22k (after rebates) and get a new 2016 leaf that comes with 110 miles. Only the upper models of 2016 leaf offer the extra range. Only Nissan offers an affordable car with such a big range now.  All the other electric cars offer only about 60-90 miles range. 

For a detailed explanation of tremendous service to humanity done when you install solar panels or buy your next car electric, see  You not only save the world, but your money too, since electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.  :)

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Thank god!
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