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A lot has been written about data privacy recently with security breaches regularly making the news. The NoTW scandal is unprecedented in its scale and human impact. In fact it's hard to call the unfolding events (and the people involved) anything other than evil. Whether you're in the public eye or not, you had never intended to share your voicemails and you certainly wouldn't want to see its content on the front page of a Sunday newspaper. The act of obtaining and profiting from that data can simply be classified as illegal.

But then take the sony playstation network. A global gaming community of 70 million+ people who have entrusted Sony to deliver a service in exchange for data. The data about who you are, the data about how you use the service and of course the data that instructs the credit card company to fulfil a transaction on your behalf. Of course, the difference to the NoTW scandal is you've actively shared that information and for the most part you're happy. Your key consideration is for the level of service/value you receive and not whether Sony has encrypted access to your email address. So it turns out the welcoming Sony guy who took your coat on the way in, hung it up in the street outside. Clearly Sony didn't have the right safeguards in place. Did they do that intentionally? No. But did they do enough to prevent it? No. So again, like NoTW it's fairly easy to classify- negligence.

So now we're all really scared about how safe our data is. And as a responsible individual we only share our data with companies we trust... but how do we know how 'responsible' the company is with our data? This leads me on to what i think will be the next data related media storm - 'data ethics'.

I trust you to keep my data safe, but do i trust you to use my data ethically?

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