Very interesting point of view about Instagram+Facebook's latest "partnership".

Heard +Mike Elgan talking about it on This week in Google and I was about to quote him but he made it easier for me by writing about it so I can share it directly from the source :)
Facebook learns that you CAN buy love (it costs $1 billion).

Facebook is a strange creature. It’s one of the most popular sites ever. Some people spend hours every day on the site. But I’ve found that hardly anyone loves Facebook itself.

People love their family and friends. They love connecting with people they know. But try to start a conversation about Facebook itself on Facebook, and nobody wants to talk about it, other than to complain about privacy, complexity or objectionable new features forced on users.

Facebook has no charm, no charisma. The Facebook user experience -- the features, the design, the functionality -- doesn’t thrill users in any way resembling, say, the way Apple users feel about their iProducts, or the way Google users feel about Search, Google+ or Android.

You don’t hear the phrase “Facebook fanboy” much.

But Instagram is one of those rare apps that really engenders strong feelings among users.

Instagram feels good to use. People love it -- not so much because of who is on the network, but because of how the service makes people feel.

Facebook wants that. But so far, they don’t know how to build a lovable service. And in their defense, it’s very hard to do when you’re a big company.

But love is easy to buy.

I also think we’re going to see a lot more acquisitions like this.

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