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How to Sell Multi-Million Dollar Luxury Homes, Estates and New Development Projects.


Al Lewis Broker/Mentor
Marketing Professional Since 1975

Non-local, Unbounded, My Influence Extends Everywhere.
Call Any Time to Talk.

It is my privilege to have sold most every type of housing: entry level, middle range and high-end homes and condos; custom homes; estates; ranches; land; lots; mobile homes; mobile home lots; manufactured homes; stacked housing; senior housing and master planned communities; many thousands of homes in all; both new and resale.

You can get anything you want in real estate if you realize they are gained by bold and enterprising sales and marketing that move through the marketplace like juggernauts: unstoppable forces that crush whatever are in their path.

Get Your Expectancy Up / Good things are going to happen. Sell in one-half to one-third the time projected by forecasts at the top of the market. Get to the future you want quicker by listing your house or project with me today.

Expect the best.

Competitive Marketing and Sales

Luxury Home Sales and Marketing (.com)
Sellers / Always Sell "Up" Even in a Down Market.
My expertise is luxury home sales and marketing. In business, the Law of Consistency states that success is measured in decades, not years. Accordingly, credentials are the collateral I put up to establish the viability of my programs: sweat-earned experience gained over a career spanning four-decades doing one thing: high-level residential sales and marketing for both Professional Sellers (builders) and Home Owners alike. There's a great difference between putting a home on the market and marketing a home. The programs and practices represented by the Real Estate Professionals' Seller Services Portfolio exemplify this. Call any time to arrange a confidential program look over with new "Top of The Mark" appraisal. You'll always be glad you took action on this.

List and Sell at the Top of the Market Today.
Al Lewis / Seller Services Portfolio 

Builder Sales and Marketing (.com)
Builders / Lead the Field. Dominate the Market. Be Confident.
I have successfully completed the sale of many hundreds of projects for builders all across the California southland and within other states, many thousands of homes, condos and lots in all, often selling the highest priced multimillion dollar, luxury home, tract housing in the state. I plan and execute grand openings and troubleshoot problem projects. I do not beat around the bush trying new ideas, but provide leadership needed to generate sales on my clients' projects, Now! My success selling new homes for builders is the result of in-field sweat-earned know-how gained over a career spanning four-decades translated into structured marketing executed with vigor. I continue to do this for both New Home Builders and Luxury Home Owners today having unified high-level new home sales with high-level resale marketing into a fantastic over-the-top multilevel marketing program I call "The 100% Solution."
New Home Sales and Marketing by Al Lewis

The Fast Sale Auction (.com)
Sellers-Builders-Agents / Sell Faster By Auction.

Utilizing my -- Fast Sale Auction -- it's not uncommon for a home owner listed with my company, Real Estate Professionals of Southern California, to put a home on the market by auction that has been for sale for six months, a year or even longer and then to sell that house in six-to-eight weeks irrespective of the price of the home: from under $1/Million to over $10/Million. We give sellers an edge on competition in the marketplace by making their home the first one a buyer will look at if they want to buy in their area: the value-buy message inherent to selling by auction demands that. Also available as a standalone auction for sale-by-owner sellers and independent agents.
Sale-By-Owner Sellers and Independent Agents.
The Do It Yourself Auction (.com)

The Listing Bank (.com)
Agents / Authentic 6% Co/Marketing Opportunities.
Broker/Agents are cordially invited to participate in one or more exclusive sales and marketing opportunities with Broker Al Lewis. Participants will gain the many benefits of advertising one or more or the properties found at The Listing Bank in their portfolio of offerings as though they were their own listings and earn Six-Percent (6%) Sales or Referral Fees in lieu of the two and one-half percent (2.5%) or three-percent sales fees offered through the standard Realtor's MLS for each.

Broker Profile / Real Estate Professionals of Southern California

Al Lewis Profile (.com)
Broker for Real Estate Professionals of Southern California.
You'll find I am very opinionated about things that affect the sale of both new and resale housing. Because of that and to establish credibility with you as a sales and marketing professional I'd like to tell you my story and share a brief outline of my experience: the work spanning four-decades from which my company, programs and opinions have grown.

Career Opportunities / Southern California

The Real Estate Fellowship (.com)
The Real Estate Professionals S/California Broker/Agent Network.
The Real Estate Fellowship is a non-local, unbounded Association of independent Brokers and Agents with reach into every market and marketplace combining expertise, effort and resources toward a common goal: a collaboration for the listing and sale of residential real estate at the "Top" or high-end of the market utilizing the programs, tools and methodologies of broker/mentor Al Lewis and banner of Real Estate Professionals of Southern California with local identification though not required.
Associate-Licensee Relationship Optional.
Change of Affiliation Not Required.

Top of The Mark Real Estate (.com)
The Real Estate Professionals Full Time Job Opportunity.

Real estate is a tough business. To be successful brokers and agents need to be structured, prepared and focused in their work so they can speak with confidence, power and authority; there must be direction and purpose in their words as well as performance guarantees and viability in their programs; to succeed they've got to have a successful image and a positive attitude. Working closely with broker/mentor Al Lewis in training and, possibly, in the field agents will learn an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business in real estate at the "Top" of the market.
Associate-Licensee Affiliation Optional.

Weekend Warrior Real Estate (.com)
The Real Estate Professionals Part Time Job Opportunity.

Though stated as a job, real estate is not actually a job at all, it is an activity. Specific activities produce specific results. It is not important whether an agent works only a few hours a week, twenty-to-forty hours a week or forty-to-eighty, what matters is what is done while working. Broker/Mentor Al Lewis seeks licensed real estate agents for part time weekend only listing and sales activity. Learn broker's secret formulas for listing or selling a house a week, Saturday only, or Sunday only, or both by executing one or more of Broker's elite multilevel listing and sales programs.

Associate-Licensee Affiliation Optional.

The Wealth Agenda (.com)
Broker-Managers / Establish or Expand a Luxury Homes Division.

Listing is Job One. Selling follows listing and team-building to accomplish both all together are a broker’s Wealth Agenda, the potential of which is multiplied many times over when listing and selling in the high-end. To grow your inventory of custom homes, estates and resort-oriented residences, select one-to-five agents from among your staff to team with broker/mentor Al Lewis for assertive listing and selling in the high-end; broker will team with each to gain ten or more listings priced from $1/Million to $10/Million within any locale or area within five months of start: five for fifty.
Change of Affiliation Not Required.

Career Opportunities / National/International

The Top Job in Real Estate (.com)
The Real Estate Professionals National Broker/Agent Network.
Duplicate with me, as your guide, my highly successful southern California program in the local market with local identification. Learn an easier, more pleasurable, more efficient way of getting and doing business at the top of the market. Easy, because I have laid the groundwork, developed the programs and executed them to fulfillment within one of the nation's most competitive markets four-decades running and have removed all the chaff, all the roadblocks, and distilled a winning formula.
Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing
Change of Affiliation Not Required.

The Franchise Alternative (.com)
The Real Estate Professionals National Broker/Agent Network.
Brokers, don't even think about franchising. Buying into a top heavy franchise requiring a major upfront investment, costly facilities, stifling month-to-month overhead, over-whelming management responsibilities and reliance on others to grow your business, income and wealth, especially at the "Top" or high-end of the market, is a risky proposition. It is for these reasons that hundreds of franchisees drop their franchise affiliation with all the majors every year. Instead, consider The Top Job in Real Estateand work with broker/mentor Al Lewis under a regional program licensee agreement to go straight to the top and stay there. You'll always be glad you took action on this.
Real Estate Professionals Allstate Marketing
Change of Affiliation Not Required.

Training / Master the Forces that Shape Success

Success "for Life" Real Estate Seminars
Brokers-Agents / Master the Forces that Shape Success.
The bottom line, still, is tied to listing and selling success in the field and not to how creative we can be at our desks in front of our computers. Waiting for clicks from invisible online customers is like waiting for the phone to ring; no way at all to build and grow a business. To increase and sustain productivity for just about every agent in the business, a shift in training is needed that puts them back on the street, into neighborhoods, in front of buyers and sellers in the suburbs where business is found and transacted. An In-Office Seminar Program conducted by broker/mentor Al Lewis is available for both staff and prospective agents. Call for information.
Efficiency Expert Builds Careers & Grows Companies.
Visit / 
The Fellowship Library

Al Lewis / Broker/Mentor
Marketing Professional Since 1975

Non-local, Unbounded, My Influence Extends Everywhere.
Call Any Time to Talk.

Best Wishes.

Al Lewis


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Real Estate Sales and Marketing Professional