Which of These Two Posts Killed It in the G+ Engagement Category?

This month I published two G+ posts that blew up. In two entirely different ways.

Neither "blew up" in a bad way.

One post ("Crash Course on Storytelling": http://goo.gl/RR6X1) generated over 400 plus ones and close to 250 reshares (small potatoes for some, so cut me some slack). This happened in the span of about three ... four days.

The other post ("Plussers ... Are We Really as Smart as We Think We Are? Or Is It Just Me?" here: http://goo.gl/eoPC3) only got 43 plus ones and 5 reshares ... but has over 213 on-target comments in just seven days.

And is still going strong.

For the most part these are substantial, challenging comments. And let's not forget the followers/friends I picked up along the way.

How did that happen?

To be clear, this is completely amazing to me. I didn't expect this sort of response for what started off as a rant. I somehow was able to turn the corner at the end of Smart post and make it positive ... then calling for a sharing of names. It proliferated from there.

In addition, to quote +Roz Hussin the comment thread is a "perfect example of:

"1) Connectivist online dialog
"(2) PLN / community building*
"(3) spontaneous leadership*
"(4) Rhizomatic learning
"**note: two participants took the lead to create new circles to aggregate all the participants' usernames."

Having said all of that, I think it's obvious which post took home the engagement trophy in this case.

What do you think?

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