A Cheat Sheet for People Afraid of Google+

You probably know them: people who trot out an excuse for not adopting Google+. I've been collecting them (the excuses, not the people).

"Oh my, what's this talk about Circles?" "I'm happy with Facebook." "Isn't that place a ghost town?" 

The reasons are legion. But all easily answered with this short guide.

1. Start simple. Create one Circle--and put everyone in it. You can segment later.
2. Starting a Hangout (also known as the skype killer) is stupid easy. Push one button. Done. 
3. You can reply to posts and comments INSIDE Gmail. 
4. You can sign in to apps and websites with your Google+ account. +Jesse Wojdylo can tell you all about it: http://goo.gl/8fsLv
5. Join an interesting Community if you want that feeling of connection quickly. However ... 
6. It's your fault if Google+ feels like a ghost town. Just ask +Chris Brogan: http://goo.gl/OLy6M 
7. You can even edit your posts. Endlessly. 
8. You can format your posts, too. Italics, bold, strikeout. Here's how: http://goo.gl/pJrXY
9. And, yes, there is no character limit. Write all day, Hemingway.  
10. Did I mention you won't get bombarded with invitations to play games or share your birthday? Yeah. That's what I thought.

Here are 6 more from +Jodi Kaplan

11. When it is your birthday, you get a special surprise.
12. You can hang out with astronauts.
13. What's Hot is now tailored to your preferences! Science yes, Britney Spears no.
14. No ads.
15. Conversations that matter (about art, censorship, space exploration, marketing, politics, and OK, the occasional cat pic).
16. Did I mention the astronauts? 

Bonus reason: all the cool kids are on Google+. That's a joke. I'm a nerd. So plus me. 

Image source: http://goo.gl/lui1f

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