Plussers...Are We Really as Smart as We Think We Are? Or Is It Just Me?

Legend has it that the conversations on G Plus are a lot smarter than those on Twitter. Especially Facebook. 

I'm not so sure. 

I share animated gifs of my son blowing bubble tubes. Photographs of my dictionary on the back of a toilet. Existential missives about free donughts. 

Sure, there was that post about extending mercy to stupid people which was pretty thoughtful ... but smart?

Then there was that definition of "hangout hangovers" which, I have to admit, was pretty clever (or I wouldn't have posted it).

And yea, a lot of you dropped some stimulating comments in response to my "rewarding promiscuity" post ... 

Shared your anxieties over writing in books (psychological compelling) when I asked ...

And plussed the daylights out of my "crash course on storytelling" listcicle. 

To ALL THAT ... big hardy THANK YOU. 

But I feel like a fraud. Like I'm not as smart as I think I am. That I'm not a +Chris Hadfield singing "Space Oddity" in ... of all places ... space. (

He deserves the title of "Greatest Content Marketing in the Solar System." But is singing in a space station a signal of cleverness? 


Yet we still haven't solved the meaning of life yet! Not even sure we've made ANY headway. But a Hangout with Obama has to be worth something, right? That's never happened on Facebook, has it? No. But ...

We are still having conversations just like they are having on FB. Or Twitter. Reddit. LinkedIn. Just different.

Are these conversations of the caliber that went on in taverens during the Reformation? In cafes during the Beat Generation? Or what's going on in Brazil?


Maybe this is a symptom of those protest in South America. I confess: I always get really restless during these sorts of protests -- Turkey, OWS -- and fantasize about dropping it all and joining the resistance. 

Must be the romantic in me. Or the pessimist. But just because I don't feel like I'm contributing substance worthy of a Mensa membership, doesn't mean that others aren't. 

So this is what I want you to do for me. Share the name of someone on Google+ who is providing high-caliber intellectual content ... and tell me why. 

Could be a psychologist. Theologian. Marketer. Senator. Writer. Babysitter. 

Look forward to hearing from you. 

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