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Apathy Followers

I do far more RPG discussion here than anywhere else on the web, and now that Google+ is open to the public, I want you to join me.

Leave a comment here if you wish to be added to my RPG circle.

You may also wish to create an RPG circle, add me to it, and follow some of the following people:

+Tyson J. Hayes (Apathy Games)

People Who Discuss RPG's a lot
+Greg Christopher (Posts often about RPG design. Has a strong following)
+Aristotle Bancale (Very Active)
+Keith Athey (The Savage Troll)
+John Johnson
+Chris Tregenza (6d6 Fireball)
+Abraham Neddermann (Amazing custom dice)
+Sean Fannon (OneBookshelf)
+A. Miles Davis (Game Design Talk)
+Cheyenne Wright (RPG Artist and Bearded Geek Lord)
+Deborah Teramis Christian (Author and Gamer)

Well Known Game Designers
+Jonathan Tweet
+Wolfgang Baur
+Mike Mearls
+Monte Cook
+Robin Laws
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Greg C
Thanks for the mention, Jeff
I'd like to add +Jonathan Roberts to the list of gaming insiders. He's a great cartographer and does a good bit of work for Rite Publishing and others.
I probably already am but if not make sure to add me. Proud owner of the TPA complete pack.
+Joshuha Owen You are, don't worry.
+Keith Athey Thanks for the recommendation.

If anyone has other recommendations, feel free to leave them here for others. If I like them well enough I'll add them to the original post.
Greg C
I enjoy it quite a bit ;)
Would be interested in what you have to say :-).
Drop me into your RPG circle Jeff. Have a good one!
Just found Apathy Games, I like the site.
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