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this makes me feel so good about all the hard work we have put into Ting. putting customers first is good for the soul! :-)
Wanted to tell people about my experiences with phone service #Ting . Short version: It's saving me over $300 a month on seven lines, and I'm very happy with it. Check them out at

Longer version: I posted on G+ a while back that I was evaluating phone services -- back around September of last year. I was contacted by +Ben Lucier at Ting and he offered me a spot in their beta program. The prices were great -- buy your own phone, at prices ranging from $175 to $560; and then pay a reasonable amount (about $150, currently) for 2000 MB, 2000 minutes, and 4000 text messages, spread across 7 devices. (I started off with 2 phones at about $100/mo, then added 5 more, at an actual cost of about $10 more per line -- theoretically $6 per line to add, but in practice it worked out to about $10.) You can calculate your usage here:

My previous phone services were "unlimited" -- $175/mo from Sprint, for two lines; and about $320 a month from TMobile, for 4 lines. Call it $500; it was more than that some months. Needing to add a seventh line and feeling the pain, I started looking at small business plans from Credo Mobile and TMobile; and while the plans were better than what I had, they weren't as good as Ting.

Pay-for-what-you-use turns out to be a damn bargain. Last month, with only 5 phones activated at start of month and two more before month was out, our bill ran $134. We didn't hit our 2000 minutes, 4000 texts, or 2000 MB. (Took some care and planning; turned off the internet on one phone, with child who was having problems monitoring his usage, looked at the Account page daily to make sure everyone was on track. We installed Skype and used it to talk to each other -- Ting double-bills you when you and another member of your plan are talking or texting -- a 10 minute phone call is 10 minutes per person, or 20 minutes. But Skype is free and there's a pretty good Android client.)

$134 is a $350 savings, or a bit more, over my monthly bill from Sprint + TMobile. In two years, this is $8400. Subtract cost of phones (about $1800) and my two-year savings is $6,600, or $3,300 per year. Worth a little effort on our end.

My only complaint was startup beta troubles -- they billed me in December, about two weeks before Christmas, the entire contents of my checking account, over $10K. Automated process hit my account over and over again, same $70+ debit, until it ran out. Then it hit a few more times until my bank decided I was overdrawn, and hit me with 4 overdraw penalties.

They handled it OK (not great or even well, but OK.) The money was back in my account two days later; about 2 months later I got a check covering the amount of the overdraft charges. They promised me some undefined bonus on top of that, to make up for the hassle on my end, which never materialized -- but on balance, I'll take my $3300 a year for the next two years, and count myself satisfied.

I do not hesitate to recommend them. Glitch with the billing system aside, the system (which uses Sprint for connectivity) works well; Ting communicates well with its clients (OK for any web startup, brilliantly if you measure them against other phone companies) ... and the range of devices available, while limited, hit the needs of the seven people I buy phones for without any difficulty.
Ting is a new mobile phone service that brings clarity, usability and significant monthly savings to US small businesses and families.
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