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This time it is Jack's turn to come out of school with a special mention and a voucher for Greenlands. So I took the kids, and let Hubby have an afternoon off (especially since I was out for the WHOLE of yesterday having lunch with my friends and getting my...

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Pink Hair Again!
It's been almost a year since I last had my hair done. Way way WAY too long. So here it is. Not done by my usual lady (mistake.....) but not bad. Cheered me up anyway, that's the main thing. New hair = obligatatory pouting selfies with filters! A post share...

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Georgie's Tongue
I don't have my phone on at work. It's just not the done thing at my new job. Well.... I have it on (because it use it as a calculator and stuff) but the ringer is off. Everyone who might feel the need to call me in the day knows this. School know to call H...

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Cubs go Climbing at Hutton Roof
Had a cracking day out with the Cubs this weekend - feel a bit sorry for poor Daddy since it is also Father's Day and the climbing trip meant no breakfast in bed or day off from regular Fathering Duties for him. But it was a good day. Blisteringly hot (I wi...

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Scouting AGM Bake Off
I love the Bake Off! This years theme was Summer so I made a Sandcastle Cake. It was loads of fun to make - even if it did take the better part of 4 hours to do - and came a very respectable 2nd in the adult competition. The first place was bloody good too,...

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Party Ring Cupcakes
There is a Beaver camp this weekend so it's baking time again for me. This time - since it would be rude not to - I have been using Fox's Biscuits in my baking. Party Ring Cupcakes. Dead easy, loads of fun, and very tasty. Have a good camp Beavers! Party Ri...

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Growing Things
The two big lads have come home with stuff to grow recently. Jack has a pot with potatoes in, and Tom came home with a tomato plant and some bean sprouts. The potatoes have started to grow and are looking promising (I just hope they don't get "got" by the s...

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Tom turns 7!
This was hard for me. I had to leave the house just after 5am today to get to work. It meant I could finish be half 2 and be home before 4pm, but it's the first time I haven't been there to wish one of my babies a happy birthday when they've woken up. The f...

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Unicorn Theives
How do I spend my Saturdays when we don't have swimming lessons to go to? Well I try to get a little peace and quiet on my own to do some of my college work. Jack & Tom are fine with this because it means they can plug into their Kindles and tune out the wo...

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Cake Fail!
I hope Tom will forgive me for this travesty of a cake. Star Wars fans - and bakers - the world over will boo and hiss this pathetic attempt at a Death Star Cake. In my defence, this is the first round cake I have ever baked. I was very limited on time (wor...
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