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It's worth exploring the new ChEMBL malaria data portal. It combines compounds with malaria data but retains other activity data.

272,523 compounds with 5,522 targets.

+OSDD Malaria 

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Talk by Peter Murray-Rust  on open data tomorrow +The University of Sydney  Lvl 2 Fisher Library, 2 pm, then #sydopenres beers at Cooper's, Newtown from 5:30

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Open Data and Content Mining
Talk at Sydney University by
Peter Murray-Rust
University of Cambridge and Open Knowledge Foundation

Seminar Room, Level 2 Fisher Library, 2 pm, Wednesday October 31st, 2012

The publicly funded research in the Scientific Technical Medical (STM) literature contains multibillion dollars of unused value. Most scientific articles contain names, numbers, places, chemicals, organisms, graphs, tables, etc. which can be extracted and re-used. This leads to better science, new information products, startup companies, better information for policy makers and much more which I have estimated  at "low billions" for chemistry alone. For STM, especially medicine, the figure is much higher. Yet this is currently unavailable for the reasons: (a) publishing uses PDF which is a very poor way of conveying the information (b) publishers active prevent mining of the content to preserve their revenues.

We must change this, and soon, though (a) evangelism of the opportunity (b) lobbying for our rights (c) building the next generation of tools. I shall cover all these, including our Manifesto on Open Content Mining and demonstrations of AMI2 - a weakly intelligent amanuensis for the scientist (based initially on understanding PDFs). This offers great opportunities for citizenry in general to liberate this vast resource of valuable information.

All welcome, no RSVP needed
Host: +Matthew Todd  School of Chemistry

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The definitive utensil diagram

First off, I want multiples of all of these (especially a Knork). Secondly, this will be one of the first things I teach my children.


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OpenScience malaria project being streamed at the Open Knowledge Festival right now.

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Chemists: Fancy making any of these? Have them already?
Start of a short (10-day) consultation on what's needed for round 3 of the project. Will end up with list of 10 Most Wanted synthetic compounds and 10 Most Wanted commercial/lit compounds. We'll only be making a few in Sydney, and putting the others out to tender.

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My Pi is here!

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Not as impressive as last nights crystallisation but still interesting to watch.
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