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nathan hammond

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This is recommended for any YouTube project
#v2m #mpfree
#v2m #mpfree

Remember my previous post with my house, well I came back after a very long mining trip and come back with the whole just gone.

Minecraft, what have you done to my house?

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My survival house and it is ok but can it be improved

Comment below with any suggestions

DiscipleAliance is now recruiting to start clan wars on COD Ghosts, if you are willing to join us, just send your PSN username and I will get my commander to bring you in.

I am looking for a clan on the PS3 for ghosts. Can anyone help me please?

I am preparing a new series that I will be calling '1,000,000 bot kills'. The aim is to kill 1 million bots on custom games.

Rules are the following:

Time of match will be 20 minutes with scores at unlimited.

I can use any gun with the maximum class setting at 10 points per class.

The game mode I will be playing on will be Team Deathmatch.

I will post these games on YouTube as a New series and on this forum as well.

If you are interested, come onto my YouTube channel and see the game for yourself.

Results will be put up on this forum after each game with the link to the video.

YouTube channel: lanchester101

If you want to help, suggest any classes you want me to use.

I will be making Black Ops 2 Origins gameplay for my YouTube channel

i am planning a brand new fifa 13 walkthrough series but i want any suggestions of what team should i manage.

The only restriction i have is to be in england.

Can you give me any ideas?
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